Come to the Dolphin Steem Party, on Thursday Night, in Adelaide!

in #teamaustralia4 years ago

On Thursday, the 31st of May, a whole bunch of Internet nerds (and not so much Internet nerds) will descend upon the Jade Monkey, Flinders St, Adelaide.

Seasoned veterans of the Steem world, and noobs alike gather in a friendly environment to talk about life, the universe, crypto, and burgers that @thevillan smashes as fast as the staff can prepare them. I'm looking forward to such a burger myself.

In regular attendance, you can expect me! @holoz0r. We're also likely to see an appearance from @mattclarke, who last time, bought his wife along for their 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration. @o07 will be back this time round, hopefully recovered from whatever plague struck him down last month.

There'll be the chance to buy Steem if you're that way inclined, so bring cash if you want to power up, or speculate some more!

I hope to see some old faces, and some new faces alike; it will be good to catch up, talk shit, and connect with human beings beyond the block chain. I plan to drive in for this one, so you can get your eyes on the Steem-Mobile in person if you attend!

Until then, stay warm in whatever ways you can, and see you on Thursday (We can celebrate me becoming a dolphin!)

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Congrats on becoming a mammal!

He keeps offering to breastfeed people; which, while certainly supportive, is somewhat unnerving.

He is a generous chap. He’s obviously a gender confused mammal as well though.

Better than a MAMIL!

Nice one! Congrats on reaching dolphin status!
Should hopefully be there this time with the crew.

Looks like it will be a fairly cold one, so the indoors will be the best!

I'm alive and I will see you there mate!

#whenthemeetupisonlyafewsleepsaway #exciting

Congrats on becoming a dolphin!
I will definitely be there on Thursday.
My reputation clicked over to 47, which I guess is something to celebrate as well.

If we keep upvoting you it'll be over 50 soon! :)

Here's hoping! :D

Great work reaching dolphin status, still a long way for me I think.
Haha classic write up "burgers that @thevillan smashes as fast as the staff can prepare them".
I got my day of the month mixed up last week and went to the jade for a solo burger session.

Will be there Thursday, will be good to catch up with everyone again :)

This is basically you bro! #lovesagoodburger

lol it's hard to contain the excitement :)

Upvote and resteem. Wish you all a lot of fun.

Thanks for share this information @holoz0r this is so useful for us

How I can follow that party to joining

It's really nice inside. Looking to smash our previous best of 17 :)

Congrats on dolphin status man! Sounds like a fun meetup!

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