Let's Grow the @teamaustralia Account!!

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Hey there Aussies!

I was chatting with @jackmiller the other night (which always seems to happen at times that I should be asleep rather than chatting on discord) and we got talking about the @teamaustralia account and what it could potentially be used for.


This is an account that mainly just resteems Team Australia posts and upvotes our fellow Aussies within the Steemit community who use the teamaustralia tag.

We're starting to see some funds being raised for this account (@jackmiller and a couple of others donate periodically to the @teamaustralia account), and @ghoba_handicrafts uses the account for fundraising activities. But there is so much more that we could be doing with this account.

There is a lot of potential with this account however. For example:

  • If the account had some decent voting power, then the upvotes that it dishes out could be worth something and provide much better support for turning our little Aussie planktons and minnows into larger sea creatures.
  • The increased curation rewards the account could be used for donating to Aussie charities.
  • With the increased curation rewards the account could be used for funding Steemit meet-ups (even funding the first round of drinks could be sufficient encouragement for Steemit users to get together).

Plankton Evolve!!

And if we think longer term, imagine how amazing it would be to have a @teamaustralia account that generated enough to help fund a nationwide Steemit meet up for us Aussies?

So how do we build the @teamaustralia account to such grand levels? I'll tell you how!

I propose that to be a member of Team Australia, we require that all Aussies create at least one Team Australia post per month and the SBD raised from this monthly post is transferred to the @teamaustralia account. This SBD will then be converted to Steem Power to gradually build on the accounts voting power and generation of curation rewards.

We have a fantastic number of Team Australia members now, and that number is growing every day. What we're not seeing however is a high level of interaction within our little community. We all know the key players, we're the regulars in discord and the ones that do silly things such as have Steemit Beer Sleeves made etc.

So by requiring that all members contribute to growing the @teamaustralia account, we'll also be making sure that members of Team Australia actually contribute to our community and regularly engage with it. It's a WIN WIN.


There's a few questions that pop up with this:

What is a Team Australia post or a post written specifically for Team Australia?

There's no real guidance on this however In my opinion, these posts should simply be about Australia, life in Australia and/ or about the Aussie Steemit community and what we get up to.

Who will monitor that all members are posting at least monthly to support the @teamaustralia account?

Well, I can help with this but it's not a small job. We'd need a few volunteers to get involved and help monitor our fellow Aussies to ensure they are keeping up their Team Australia posts. It's a fairly simple process to monitor so we'd really just need to have a few people doing weekly checks and reporting on any members that aren't lifting their weight.

How will we stop abuse of the @teamaustralia upvotes?

I don't have an answer to this right now but I'm sure there is a relatively simple solution to minimise abuse. And the most important thing right now is to actually get the @teamaustralia account into a position where its vote means something meaningful.

What do you think? Is this something we can get behind?

All SBD from this post will be donated to @teamaustralia to boost its STEEM POWER!!


It's a good idea mate, but we are just going through big problems in another community due to a lack of governance. Who actually owns @teamaustralia? Who holds the keys? How do decisions get made?

Don't make the same mistake our other community did and let the thing get huge and then have problems because these governance issues were never sorted out.

If you're interested, my take on it is HERE

We are having a Town Hall meeting on Saturday to hopefully sort some of these governance issues out. But there are a few frayed relationships over it already.

Yeah, "governance" is often interpreted as being "restrictions" and we can see that happening in other communities, where you are literally "blackmailed" into doing stuff in order to be supported by them.

I can without any doubt say that @ausbitbank and @sirknight in the early days had no such intention in mind and that everything they set up was 100% to help build the community, from TA all the way to the bot @centerlink, which I still consider my guiding light as far as "bots" go.

However, as you very well mention here, there are things that need to be defined, especially when it comes to "money".

Yet, on the other side of things, what community out there, no matter where it may be is without its own quirks and VIP tea parties!

So, we could say that we are doing pretty good right now, definitely growing and evolving, with the new server set up in which we are side by side with our neighbours from New Zealand.

Every change takes time and ideas such as this one are definitely going to help things move along in a very positive manner.

That is my general scope of things when talking about TA and our potentials.

"Governance" is not the same as "Government". It just explains more formally how things are going to work so that there isn't misunderstandings later. Go and read my post about the #steemsilvergold community and you'll understand what I mean. I will actually leave TA if there is any kind of forced tax and no proper governance in place. I have zero interest in being involved in creating a situation where corruption or embezzlement could sneak in the side door.

I would be very keen to hear the views of @ausbitbank now that you mention him as he already pretty involved with @centerlink I respect him and he carries a lot of influence.

I read it, and you are right as far as the difference goes, I personally try o refer to governance as "T&C's" so that people don't misinterpret what I am saying, yet even with that many again see "restrictions".

Just a fact of life.

I look at governance as more about having a constitution. Even many full-blown anarchists believe in having a constitution.

You’re right that some regulation would need to be in place along with clear lines in regards to what is done with the account earnings.

These issues can certainly be sorted out and I like the idea of the account being volunteer run.

I’m not at all pretending to hold all the answers. I just think that there is a real opportunity here which is too good to miss.

PRO Active thinking like this can only lead to POSITIVE results!

Well done mate.


Thanks Jack. I wouldn't have made this post if we weren't having a late night/ early morning chat. :D

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The idea is great! Maybe there are a lot of people from Australia here on steemit, and this means the @teamaustralia profile can get a huge boost if everyone donates something... Or just curates some of his steem power.

I wonder how many Bulgarians are here!
I wish you all good luck with your task!

Thanks mate. :) There are a tonne of Aussies on Steemit. I was really surprised at the number when I joined. And even after joining we've seen a lot more sign up which is fantastic.

I'm sure there are many Bulgarians on Steemit, I've seen a few myself. You should have a hunt around on Discord to see if you can find any Bulgarian communities.

Great, I will write a post later and send the SBD to @teamaustralia.

Awesome! Can't wait to see what you produce. :)

Hopefully something that gets a few votes, but not a curie!

Great idea! You could have varying levels of membership depending on how much time / steem etc people wanna commit and what they are looking to get out of it.

There's heaps of possibilities with this!

Kind of like with discord and the levels of delegation to Mr Squiggle. :)

A vote to #teamaustralia from a member of #teammalaysia. A well thought proposition @mazzle. I believe that if everyone set their mind and come forward the visions would be in achieve in no time. I love the thought and support fully on giving back to the community. Infact, every micro community here should come up with this proposal. Wishing you all the best!

Thanks @zestforlife :)

The #teammalaysia group is also a fantastic community. I've seen the charity work that your group do and am always incredibly impressed.

In any way we can to foster the spirit of giving back to the society and improve their quality of life. Hope that #teamaustralia would do better than us soon.

I think this is a good idea. It's not totally dissimilar to some things I've mentioned lately, but you make it sound less like you're about to seize the means of production or bring in the sort of income redistribution that gives voluntaryists nightmares. Anyway, I'd certainly be in favour of some mechanism to donate to @teamaustralia if that meant bigger upvotes, free drinks and contributing to charities.

If could play devil's advocate for a moment, I suspect this could be a little complicated. For example, if there's more than one #teamaustralia post, which one donates the SBD? Would I be committed to this? I'd be happy to hand over my normal earnings from one post, but if something I tagged with #teamaustralia got a vote from @curie or some whale, handing over that much money might sting a bit.

And that's just people acting in good faith. Someone less scrupulous might just try make sure that their nominated post earned less than their average. But that opens us up to being arbiters of what constitutes a post of acceptable 'quality'.

I'm sure we can iron out the bugs though. If it didn't cost an extra 5% I'd consider using the beneficiaries feature in SteemPlus - I could just send a set percentage of a post's payout straight to @teamaustralia - though I think it's only SP - you'd have to ask @stoodkev about it.

Either way, I'll make sure my next Australian-themed/related post has the #TeamAustralia tag, and I'll endeavour to kick in some SBD (not like it's worth that much right now anyway).

PS, I don't remember if you were in discord when I had this conversation, but I still think 'beer sleeve' sounds a bit perverted.

Haha beer sleeve is the perfect way to describe a beer sleeve though!

Personally, I tag everything I do as #TeamAustralia. So it could be as simple as donating the SBD from one post per month to the @teamaustralia account. That way you get to choose which posts earnings you donate to the group account.

At the end of the day, it's for the benefit of us all. Some people might be more generous while others might not be. We'll find out who's who in the zoo pretty quickly. :P

Australia is an amazing country . i wish to go there someday :)

You certainly should. Just keep an eye out for Drop Bears while you're here:

drop bear.jpg

its kinda cute but scary :D