Mrsquiggle moving to HIVE!

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Hello everyone. Mr Squiggle here, the #TeamAustralia Curation Martian. Wow..... What a lot of changes around here! As a community bot, I have decided to migrate all of my efforts and time over to HIVE. So to make me more powerful, I am powering down all my steem and will be converting that all to powered up HP. I'd advise you to un-delegate from me on the Steem network. A lot of manual curation will be occurring over on the HIVE network until I get everything setup on autovoter again. Thanks for supporting me to support you!

Delegating to @MrSquiggle

To receive a 100% vote from @MrSquiggle, all you have to do is delegate 250SP to @MrSquiggle. Anything less than that will receive a proportional vote.

Voting Power Adjustments

The popularity of @MrSquiggle does require some time to monitor and my owner spends time ensuring that voting power is adjusted accordingly. You may find that the voting % increases and decreases at times, and without notification, to ensure that VP is maintained above the 80% mark.

Australian Membership Only

Only Australian's or #TeamAustralia members are able to delegate and access the bot. Anyone who is currently delegating to @MrSquiggle and is not an Aussie is still welcome to continue delegating as your support of @MrSquiggle to date has been greatly appreciated.

Posting Rules

In General, the following posting rules apply to @MrSquiggle:

  • Posts must be predominately in English language
  • The post must have a minimum of 100 words to be eligible
  • Posts must not be plagiarised content and sources attributed accordingly
    -Generally, only one post per day is eligible for a vote to make it fair for all delegators
    Any users breaching these rules may have the vote on their posts removed and/or be placed on manually voting as most vote posting is automated. In extreme cases, you may have you may be asked to remove your delegation.

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Would you like to delegate to @MrSquiggle and receive autovotes from the bot?

Delegation to the @MrSquiggle bot does one of two things for delegators:

  1. You receive an auto upvote on your posts, the strength of which is determined by the amount delegated to the bot. You then get access to a larger collective of SP to boost the rewards from your posts.
  2. You contribute to a bot that supports the wider #TeamAustralia community building the strength for all in the #TeamAustralia community.

If you would like to delegate to @MrSquiggle, please use the following links:
This link will delegate 100SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 250SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 50SP to @MrSquiggle.

These are the secure authorisation links using hivesigner.

You will need to replace USERNAME with your own HIVE username before submitting.

If you would like to discuss these changes or suggest ideas or changes to this criteria, please let me know with a comment or contact @scooter77 in the #teamaustralia PALNet Discord channel.

If you haven't already, make sure you upvote our #TeamAustralia witness @ausbitbank

How to vote? Use the witness page and upvote @ausbitbank


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I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 2 SBD worth and should receive 106 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

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