Experimenting with fire

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We had a black out last night so I got the candles out and created a relaxing ambiance,
But i could only stare and sit still for so long before my figative hands and creative mind took over.


So I started by melting the candles in the paper bowl until it was full of wax, then I got one of those alfoil trays sat the bowl in the centre and filled the tray with burnt candle wax.
I made sure the levels where close and then set the edge of the bowl alight and this circular bowl became a wick for the candle wax.
It burnt for hours on the coffee table with out doing any damage, it was like a safe mini camp fire inside the house.
When i put it out and it cooled down it hardened ready for next time.


I thought the experiment worked well, and the adolescent boy in me was amused until the power came back on.


Just light the edge and it will start again. Maybe I should patent this, ha ha ha.

Photos by sanddrift with my samsung galaxy s8