Tonight's the Night!

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You'd have to be dead or living in North Korea not to have heard the buzz for this one.

Some say it won't be much of a fight, others say it's staged..idgaf I'm pumped and I'll be watching!

It's sure to be entertaining regardless! The lead up to the fight has been comical, you can't deny these two fighters are polarizing figures.

Did anyone else notice at the weigh in it appeared Connor McGregor had a boner? Lol I guess he's just looking forward to the fight?

Are you guys gonna be tuning in? Payperview is $100 bucks but I'll be watching it at the local pub.. because I like the atmosphere and I'll spend $50 to watch including beers

Any predictions? Ofcourse Mayweather is the favorite but I would not count McGregor out!

The only thing I hope is it's a good bout not a one sided flop. Either way I've been anticipating this and it'll be nice to see this conclude.



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If CM is losing and kicks Floyds face off, loses purse and pays fine -- he don't care! He's about to go Hollywood. If he wins he wins.

Itsa win/win for CM either way... My thoughts are that there's no way CM could beat FM in a straight boxing match -- Mayweather is the professor of the sweet science and has ample skills to blow anyone away.

But we will see... it is billion dollar boxing in Vegas for Chrissakes so anything could happen.

You'll be ringside won't u Mr.Vegas? 😁

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Tonight is the night! Long anticipated fight is happening!

Hell yeah it is, barring any terrorist activity god forbid. I dont think Isis likes Vegas much tho, it's too bright and stimulating for them 😝

i cant wait its the biggest fight of my lifetime i think conor will knock him out in the 10th! :)

Yeah idk..I hope if it's not going well Connor spin kicks him in the jaw lol pay the fine it'll be worth it 😝

The anticipation was better than the fight 😂

I liked it man! Mcgregor put up a good fight, I was impressed. I wish I was able to go out and watch it. I had to stream a free version on one of the computers are work here.

Yeah it was a good match atleast. Connor was winning but he just ran outta gas. Shitty I was rooting for em. Either way they both win, huge payday!