I considered you a role model on this platform. So please, don't try to take any high roads. Now you just seem shady and petty.

But the comments on your $140something post ... really dude? I didn't see any reasonable method of communication that I had available working. A reply to that comment worked. We've been paid. Farewell.

@jonny-clearwater this was far more about @walden than it was about you. I think maybe that's where we're failing to communicate.

Flagging an argument with @walden is super-classy bro.

Simply removed drama from my content, as I asked you to do.
It was flagged as low as needed to remove it's visibility.
Walden was already flagged so I didn't need to do so myself.
My content is exactly that...mine.
As I stated above, what you do here, on your own page, is your call.
Let's just part ways peacefully please.

ok so what about here / You abused your voting power to down vote on ancap's post why? Not your content, not your page ...