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I gave @jonny-clearwater a lot of support including a trip to the Heatonist store in NYC to ship him some sauces for his show. He told me on June 16 that he would reimburse me within a day or two. He hadn't responded to me on Discord since June 16, despite his status changing a bunch of times, meaning he was definitely on there. And this isn't including the discussions on the Steemit Ramble Discord, which more than a few people heard:




Until today. And he wasn't responding to me, quietly on Discord like he could have. He wasn't responding to my comment on this post, in which I was far more reasonable than I was obligated to be under the circumstances. He was responding to @battleaxe. I guess she's "somebody" so he couldn't pooh-pooh her. Please have a look at the comments. I need to "chill the fuck out"??? Boy if I was over-reacting or "acting out", you'd be spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair. You may have quality defenders like @walden asking me who I think I'm talking to, but I'm talking to someone who is avoiding me knowing they owe me money. Whatever status your boyfriends grant you in the circle-jerk that is Steemit is fucking irrelevant to me. You may have quality defenders like @the-oracool flagging my comments, but we both know why they did so.

@wackou: maybe that 24.6k SP delegation has made this guy think he's too important to honor his agreements with "the little people". I dunno. Maybe you're okay with that.

I'm withdrawing my support for anyone who upvoted that post, knowing he owed me money. I give zero fucks about the mental gymnastics you use to justify actions that would have blood in your eyes if it happened to you as long as you're profiting when it happens to someone else. Frankly, that's the mentality of a sociopath. There seems to be a lot of that around here. @jonny-clearwater was ready to beat the shit out of @liberty-minded over this very thing, and from what I understand, he had every right to be.

A whole bunch of people lost my respect for continuing to support @jonny-clearwater despite knowing he was evidently stealing from me. Not that it should matter. It obviously doesn't.

Speaking of @walden, apart from self-describing as a "cleaner" while spamming @malos10's post (no doubt among others), he's apparently willing to cut people some slack if they're an attractive young girl he can blackmail and extort for nude pictures:


And the translation:


Hey @fyrstikken and @booster: You okay with your 5k SP delegation being used for abuse like that?

Look, I get it. There are some account-holders on here with multi-million-dollar stakes. And their silence about these types of things is deafening.




If you're wondering why Steemit has an 8% retention rate and hardly any women stick around for long ... I'm not. It's pretty fucking obvious.

The 4chan dudebros can have it. I'm stuck here while my delegations are returned and power-down is completed, but at this point I don't care if Steem is $.02 in 14 weeks.



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Good Lord the drama! Is it really necessary? I doubt it. If he said he would pay you, he will. Its not even a lot of money to cry over. We spend a lot out of our own pocket to host these steemit gatherings along with the hots or shots episode filmings like the one you attended. You are acting like he broke into your home, robbed you and then stole your puppy. It is just absurd.

I have little knowledge of what is going on but I know ancap and she does not lie, if the guy says he is gonna pay her back and then does not that it a shit move. If he avoids her that is an even shittier move. Also what you can afford is what YOU can afford to pay/lose from your own pocket. How dare you assume what is a lot of money for a person . Example 2$ to me decides if I have a second meal a day or I do not. i can't afford 3 meals a day so it is either one or two. there are people that are even worse off than i and yes i live in U.S. America not the the third world. losing any kind of funds can be devastating and demoralising when you depend on them . Most people who are at this end of the poor scale do not lend money to people because it is so scary and makes life shit when things go wrong. Ancap is not like that she trusts and gives anyway so yeah shit of a person fucked her and it very well can feel like you are robbed when you are hungry or cannot pay a bill because someone did not feel like paying you back or feels like it is no big deal to string you along because it does not impact their life negatively .. just food for thought !

@supermeatboy to reply to your deleted comment, great that she is getting it now. But how sad is it that she had to hunt it down and cause a public scene before she even got a reaction. How hard would it have been for these people to have told her I promise i will get it to you so sorry but right now XYZ is got in the way but I have not forgotten you . But that is not what happened is it ?! people suck !

Ya, nevermind that he responded to @battleaxe after two weeks to tell her he was at a restaurant, while we were living on rice and like 5 pieces of chicken for a week. And he owed us money. It's all about them, amirite?

Who said he was paying for the meal? Why is the drama continuing?

Tell you what.

Since as of 6:30 EDT we still haven't been repaid.

My worst intent here was to do at least $66 of damage to his reputation, stake, whatever, for being a thief. Whatever y'all's intent is/was, nobody communicated it to me after the favor was done for you.


Do you watch Westworld? I think humans' core drive is to make everything more complicated than it needs to be.

Didn't realize I was being timed. I have my own things going on, I said I would send it.....and I did. So have a little more faith in people before you start unneeded drama.

anacap drama.png

You were being timed, as of the last time I heard anything. This wasn't that complicated. Farewell.

You've been paid.
Don't care what you do on your own post, but would you kindly make edits to the comments on my content so I don't have to flag it away.
Sorry you had to wait so long it was not intentional.
Even though the public approach was not needed...i do understand. you weren't getting a hold of me on here and i get you thought you were being dodged.
When I say I wasnt online though, I meant it.
I've been doing nothing but dealing with dlive for the last 2 weeks to put my show over there.
When I turn my computer on it instantly opens discord, but that does not mean i'm actually here.
Again sorry, and sorry it upset you as much as it did.
I meant no ill will towards you ancap and I'm still very appreciative of what you did for me. Have a great day

I think the public approach was needed, and what got us paid. You could have taken 30 seconds somewhere over those two weeks to update me.
I don't mean you any ill will either, but without any communication whatsoever, what would you have thought? I give it 98 - 99.9% chance I'll look absolutely ghastly in your Hots or Shots episode I'm a guest on, but I probably won't see it and would much rather we part ways amicably now that our business is concluded. If you feel a need to flag anything I've put on this platform, that is your prerogative.

I'm just asking you to edit the comments on my content.

I will not edit anything over which I have editorial control.

nope you did not ask you threatened do or else!


What a fragile ego we have here, abusing the flag system because someone hurt your feels with truth ? go for it ! I will gladly lose Steemit rank to annoy you now because I don't let bullies break me. What a weak little man you are !

Money owed has been paid

oh yippee you paid after two weeks want a medal ? a gold star maybe ? Grow up!

Had enough of you

Awww small man abusing power by down voting me, LOL. Doe it make you feel powerful ? what a sad existence that must be ...

here is my gigantic statement
Walden's stake that was delegated was taken away when a witness who is on my witness list saw what was up,
I applaud that as extorting and threatening people and telling female witnesses and others horrible things is unacceptable....period

ooooh he lost his delegation :D now this made my day :D

There really is something to be said about straight talking and standing up for your values, there is far too much diplomacy on here with people afraid to speak out in case they loose some benefit because someone is friends with someone else.

And honestly I am quite shocked, Waldon never asked to see my ass - in these days of equality I would have expected him to bring that up - maybe I should send him a cheeky pic to float his boat 😂

I hear what you are saying, but honestly it would be a real terrible shame if you let them all win and left us. In the short time I have known you it has been quite obvious you do so much to support people, community projects and generally provide a level of education and guidance that is second to none.

#thealliance #witness

How many hundreds of millions of people have to die before someone says, "Fuck that. I'm gonna do the right thing."

Because the time to do the right thing is always right now, as far as I'm concerned.

@ancapbarbie, I believe you might misunderstand something

@jonny-clearwater was ready to beat the shit out of @liberty-minded over this very thing, and from what I understand, he had every right to be.
He was upset with me because he wanted the 'extra' footage I shot with my own camera which was never part of our deal. I did that on my own accord to increase the show's production value.
So, I was never obligated to give him the footage but I obliged anyways to prevent the drama that seems so prevalent on the platform these days. I am still owed a small amount but I just don't feel the need to argue with him (or anyone for that matter) over the internet.

I fulfilled my end of the agreement, if he doesn't wanna do the same I'm not going to bother him about it. Just wanted to clarify a bit since it seems you may have gotten some bad info. So please don't rope me into this mess, it has nothing to do with me.

You're right. She doesnt need to drag you into it at all. She doesnt need to drag everyone that she already has into it. She didnt even know the issue and is now spreeding hearsay rumours. There is no reason for any of this to be on a public forum. It is crazy absurd drama. I am like you in the fact that I like to stay out of the drama.....but this is all a bit much. I will pay her with my paypal just to see the end of this tantrum....Nick wanted to pay her in steem. Had that been good enough she would have been paid already.

I don't know or care to know about y'all's drama ... I just want my money.

That's been good enough for the entire two weeks @jonny-clearwater wasn't responding to me about it ... whose tantrum what?

He mentioned it to me a few times on Discord in that context is all.

Ya. As I've said, the money isn't the point.

It's the keeping your word. Or at least letting the other party to your agreement know why you can't. And still haven't, from what Ben tells me.


Okay. You're right, it doesn't. I wasn't intending to rope you into it. Just a point of context for @jonny-clearwater. I apologize.

Apology accepted, you knew absolutely nothing about my business arrangement with him. I could not care less about what rumors are floating around but I definitely take exception to people mentioning my name when they have no reason to nor have a clear understanding of the issues at hand. Thank you, that is all

Glad that idiot finally got his delegation pulled. Now maybe some of the real STEEMpeeps out here trying hard to add value and give it a go can less afflicted by his cancerous bullshit.


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Who is this johnny person ? :(

a come lately

poor little johnny feels so threatened by poor little me that he is abusing his power and down-voting legit comments . What a douche , LOL ...

nope looking on how you behaved here it's more like Johnny not come at all ...

He hosts Hots or Shots. He and I both love extremely spicy peppers and hot sauces. I got him some from NYC and he hasn't repaid me as of 6:30ish EDT. That is all.

@wackou you okay with your SP being used like this?

I considered you a role model on this platform. So please, don't try to take any high roads. Now you just seem shady and petty.

But the comments on your $140something post ... really dude? I didn't see any reasonable method of communication that I had available working. A reply to that comment worked. We've been paid. Farewell.

@jonny-clearwater this was far more about @walden than it was about you. I think maybe that's where we're failing to communicate.

Flagging an argument with @walden is super-classy bro.

Simply removed drama from my content, as I asked you to do.
It was flagged as low as needed to remove it's visibility.
Walden was already flagged so I didn't need to do so myself.
My content is exactly that...mine.
As I stated above, what you do here, on your own page, is your call.
Let's just part ways peacefully please.

ok so what about here / You abused your voting power to down vote on ancap's post why? Not your content, not your page ...

So this dude not only tries to stiffs people and only pays up when he is publicly shamed, no he buses his power and down votes people because his fragile ego is hurt. repugnant little brat of a manchild ...

He paid us.

But ya he also flagged a bunch of comments on his post.

did it will all of my comments here as well but seems to have had a change of heart when i called him out on how it was abuse of the system.

Can't you just go back to being the productive and constructive member of the community you appear to be...
Instead, wasting energy, passing judgement on a situation and person you know nothing about.
This ordeal....which was of no ones fault but my own, has been resolved.
Have a great day and Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

first of all @ancapbarbie is my friend. And had you just paid up and given an apology it never even would have crossed my mind to say anything more than I did on your wife's above post . but then you came here in the comment section and really behaved badly and to top it off you laced it with threats . You then abused your voting power to silence me so if i am passing judgment it is because of your behaviour. Ask your self why someone who is in most cases pretty peaceful like I am is reacting so adversely to the way you are acting here. I do not do well with being bullied . You behaved badly and were told off a strong man would have taken it in and just sucked it up, but yo chose to try to crush my one cent voting clout with your substantial voting power because I hurt your feelings or whatever. You took a rocket launcher into what should have been a debate so sorry if my opinion of you is not a good one, but it is based on your conduct, nothing else .

I delegated most of mine to the alliance and team good i am worth 1 cent at 100% LOL i am not even plankton i am dust lol ...

Got dust?

Call @dustsweeper!


  • Dust farmers

Hey put your comments on a thread i don't have muted. LOL

p.s btw if you have noticed I have not down voted anything you said because unlike you i actually believe in free speech ...

At least all of this led me to find a pretty amazing musician on here.
Best wishes to you

I appreciate you taking down the flags. Free speech is the cornerstone of any free society. It is not there to make us feel comfortable or happy. It is there to ensure that we grow and evolve. It would be nice to see you do the same on your blog . It is not like people are going to keep on posting on future ones as the matter has been settled and you know deep down that you did fuck up so suck it up. Also as steemit user with a 68 rep you really should be an example to other on how to use the platform. In all honesty I ask you do you believe the flag system was invented to use against people who annoyed us ? just food for thought ...

As for what is on my post...anyone that knows me would tell you i flag garbage and drama and nonsense out of my comments regularly. It was not just a single comment it was an entire wall, which then grew into an argument with another steemian.
I know you likely won't agree with my logic on this...but i'm a firm believer in my content being mine.
The comments of Barbs were only flagged to the minimum to make them go away...I would never flag her to hurt her rep (not that many care about that number), epescially over a quarrel that was of my own doing. As for the other user in that argument...many consider him a garbage person and his were already flagged or i would have done so myself.
As for what I flagged of were absolutely was an ego reaction and after I cooled off, I realized I shouldn't have done so.
Hope you had a great holiday and have a great weekend.
Steem On!

i was referring to the flags toward team good and Barb. Walden made his own bed on the forum. As for the rep thing i do think new stemians care and we want new stemians to stay not run for the hills because they see all the crap gong on on the platform points to weird jerry banfield home porn and forum abuse by wales ect ...

Go Team Good!

Keep spreading love to this wondeful community!