Steemit Morale Boost Challenge (The Grand Finale)

in #teamgood3 years ago

Well Hello There!
Our Collective Good Vibes are sending Steem in the right direction!
Round of Applause to all of you who participated and realize now that this volatility is part of the game.

tenor (11).gif


I hope you had fun with this as much as I did and am dropping the links to the still active Boost Challenges!
Feel free to give these some love and resteems appreciated... Upvoting gets you curation rewards in case you are new on the platform and learning the ropes. Leaving a thoughtful comment with the upvote often can get your comment and upvote and even if it's one percent it helps build your REP! :)


Leave a comment below about how your weekend is going and I'll pick 3 to give 100% upvotes to because I feel like it! <3

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I feel good despite I feel like shit with how my appetite goes. @battleaxe
Still grateful especially for steemit and all my friends here. There is nothing like this.

I am glad to see despite the dips in payouts and prices that you persevere, it inspires me not to throw in the towel some days
there is something to be said for us being stubborn :P

Thanks for the morale boosting this week...much needed!
baby jeffy time.jpg

Thank YOU!

Much better since I got my witness squared away. That lostkey turd really did a number on my production. Changed keys everywhere and finally got it situated after missing 5 blocks ugh. But, we good to go now. Weekend is fabulous :)

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You're awesome.

My weekend is a roller coaster, as always, but I just booked a plane ticket to Atlanta, so I'm stoked about that! Coming down to see some friends who have become family. :) Thanks for the morale boosting! Much needed.

Moral booster is very much required on this platform, because one can easily loose hope and exit.
Good going on your part. Hoping to see all this coming good always.

yes many do.... even a lot who have higher "reps", I just do my own thing and try to stick around people I enjoy and ignore things that take away from my own trip on here. These our OUR blogs and nobody elses so am very glad you enjoying the morale booster ;)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

thank you ;)

At home with the family this weekend. Just learned I'm about to be a grandfather. Uv resteem. Peace friend.

Congrats on the good news! Have a good one

Life is good, my friend! I take every day with stride and always grateful! I guess surviving cancer three times is life changing... hehehehe! I just celebrated a year of remission, going on my second year. Yup... life is good!!!

Steem has gone up a little today, so that's something.

Hello, @battleaxe, my weekend was great, since I was at home sharing with my son, and also he consented to me, and making a delicious breakfast on this rainy day, I leave the dish prepared for me, which I made a post , is in Spanish, but you can enjoy the richness of my day, blessings to your life.

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