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Good Lord the drama! Is it really necessary? I doubt it. If he said he would pay you, he will. Its not even a lot of money to cry over. We spend a lot out of our own pocket to host these steemit gatherings along with the hots or shots episode filmings like the one you attended. You are acting like he broke into your home, robbed you and then stole your puppy. It is just absurd.


I have little knowledge of what is going on but I know ancap and she does not lie, if the guy says he is gonna pay her back and then does not that it a shit move. If he avoids her that is an even shittier move. Also what you can afford is what YOU can afford to pay/lose from your own pocket. How dare you assume what is a lot of money for a person . Example 2$ to me decides if I have a second meal a day or I do not. i can't afford 3 meals a day so it is either one or two. there are people that are even worse off than i and yes i live in U.S. America not the the third world. losing any kind of funds can be devastating and demoralising when you depend on them . Most people who are at this end of the poor scale do not lend money to people because it is so scary and makes life shit when things go wrong. Ancap is not like that she trusts and gives anyway so yeah shit of a person fucked her and it very well can feel like you are robbed when you are hungry or cannot pay a bill because someone did not feel like paying you back or feels like it is no big deal to string you along because it does not impact their life negatively .. just food for thought !

@supermeatboy to reply to your deleted comment, great that she is getting it now. But how sad is it that she had to hunt it down and cause a public scene before she even got a reaction. How hard would it have been for these people to have told her I promise i will get it to you so sorry but right now XYZ is got in the way but I have not forgotten you . But that is not what happened is it ?! people suck !

Ya, nevermind that he responded to @battleaxe after two weeks to tell her he was at a restaurant, while we were living on rice and like 5 pieces of chicken for a week. And he owed us money. It's all about them, amirite?

Who said he was paying for the meal? Why is the drama continuing?

Tell you what.

Since as of 6:30 EDT we still haven't been repaid.

My worst intent here was to do at least $66 of damage to his reputation, stake, whatever, for being a thief. Whatever y'all's intent is/was, nobody communicated it to me after the favor was done for you.


Do you watch Westworld? I think humans' core drive is to make everything more complicated than it needs to be.

Didn't realize I was being timed. I have my own things going on, I said I would send it.....and I did. So have a little more faith in people before you start unneeded drama.

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You were being timed, as of the last time I heard anything. This wasn't that complicated. Farewell.