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You've been paid.
Don't care what you do on your own post, but would you kindly make edits to the comments on my content so I don't have to flag it away.
Sorry you had to wait so long it was not intentional.
Even though the public approach was not needed...i do understand. you weren't getting a hold of me on here and i get you thought you were being dodged.
When I say I wasnt online though, I meant it.
I've been doing nothing but dealing with dlive for the last 2 weeks to put my show over there.
When I turn my computer on it instantly opens discord, but that does not mean i'm actually here.
Again sorry, and sorry it upset you as much as it did.
I meant no ill will towards you ancap and I'm still very appreciative of what you did for me. Have a great day


I think the public approach was needed, and what got us paid. You could have taken 30 seconds somewhere over those two weeks to update me.
I don't mean you any ill will either, but without any communication whatsoever, what would you have thought? I give it 98 - 99.9% chance I'll look absolutely ghastly in your Hots or Shots episode I'm a guest on, but I probably won't see it and would much rather we part ways amicably now that our business is concluded. If you feel a need to flag anything I've put on this platform, that is your prerogative.

I'm just asking you to edit the comments on my content.

I will not edit anything over which I have editorial control.

nope you did not ask you threatened do or else!


What a fragile ego we have here, abusing the flag system because someone hurt your feels with truth ? go for it ! I will gladly lose Steemit rank to annoy you now because I don't let bullies break me. What a weak little man you are !