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in #teamgood3 years ago

Can't you just go back to being the productive and constructive member of the community you appear to be...
Instead, wasting energy, passing judgement on a situation and person you know nothing about.
This ordeal....which was of no ones fault but my own, has been resolved.
Have a great day and Happy 4th of July to you and yours.


first of all @ancapbarbie is my friend. And had you just paid up and given an apology it never even would have crossed my mind to say anything more than I did on your wife's above post . but then you came here in the comment section and really behaved badly and to top it off you laced it with threats . You then abused your voting power to silence me so if i am passing judgment it is because of your behaviour. Ask your self why someone who is in most cases pretty peaceful like I am is reacting so adversely to the way you are acting here. I do not do well with being bullied . You behaved badly and were told off a strong man would have taken it in and just sucked it up, but yo chose to try to crush my one cent voting clout with your substantial voting power because I hurt your feelings or whatever. You took a rocket launcher into what should have been a debate so sorry if my opinion of you is not a good one, but it is based on your conduct, nothing else .

I delegated most of mine to the alliance and team good i am worth 1 cent at 100% LOL i am not even plankton i am dust lol ...

Got dust?

Call @dustsweeper!


  • Dust farmers

Hey put your comments on a thread i don't have muted. LOL

p.s btw if you have noticed I have not down voted anything you said because unlike you i actually believe in free speech ...

At least all of this led me to find a pretty amazing musician on here.
Best wishes to you

I appreciate you taking down the flags. Free speech is the cornerstone of any free society. It is not there to make us feel comfortable or happy. It is there to ensure that we grow and evolve. It would be nice to see you do the same on your blog . It is not like people are going to keep on posting on future ones as the matter has been settled and you know deep down that you did fuck up so suck it up. Also as steemit user with a 68 rep you really should be an example to other on how to use the platform. In all honesty I ask you do you believe the flag system was invented to use against people who annoyed us ? just food for thought ...

As for what is on my post...anyone that knows me would tell you i flag garbage and drama and nonsense out of my comments regularly. It was not just a single comment it was an entire wall, which then grew into an argument with another steemian.
I know you likely won't agree with my logic on this...but i'm a firm believer in my content being mine.
The comments of Barbs were only flagged to the minimum to make them go away...I would never flag her to hurt her rep (not that many care about that number), epescially over a quarrel that was of my own doing. As for the other user in that argument...many consider him a garbage person and his were already flagged or i would have done so myself.
As for what I flagged of were absolutely was an ego reaction and after I cooled off, I realized I shouldn't have done so.
Hope you had a great holiday and have a great weekend.
Steem On!

i was referring to the flags toward team good and Barb. Walden made his own bed on the forum. As for the rep thing i do think new stemians care and we want new stemians to stay not run for the hills because they see all the crap gong on on the platform points to weird jerry banfield home porn and forum abuse by wales ect ...

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