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@ancapbarbie, I believe you might misunderstand something

@jonny-clearwater was ready to beat the shit out of @liberty-minded over this very thing, and from what I understand, he had every right to be.
He was upset with me because he wanted the 'extra' footage I shot with my own camera which was never part of our deal. I did that on my own accord to increase the show's production value.
So, I was never obligated to give him the footage but I obliged anyways to prevent the drama that seems so prevalent on the platform these days. I am still owed a small amount but I just don't feel the need to argue with him (or anyone for that matter) over the internet.

I fulfilled my end of the agreement, if he doesn't wanna do the same I'm not going to bother him about it. Just wanted to clarify a bit since it seems you may have gotten some bad info. So please don't rope me into this mess, it has nothing to do with me.


You're right. She doesnt need to drag you into it at all. She doesnt need to drag everyone that she already has into it. She didnt even know the issue and is now spreeding hearsay rumours. There is no reason for any of this to be on a public forum. It is crazy absurd drama. I am like you in the fact that I like to stay out of the drama.....but this is all a bit much. I will pay her with my paypal just to see the end of this tantrum....Nick wanted to pay her in steem. Had that been good enough she would have been paid already.

I don't know or care to know about y'all's drama ... I just want my money.

That's been good enough for the entire two weeks @jonny-clearwater wasn't responding to me about it ... whose tantrum what?

He mentioned it to me a few times on Discord in that context is all.

Ya. As I've said, the money isn't the point.

It's the keeping your word. Or at least letting the other party to your agreement know why you can't. And still haven't, from what Ben tells me.


Okay. You're right, it doesn't. I wasn't intending to rope you into it. Just a point of context for @jonny-clearwater. I apologize.

Apology accepted, you knew absolutely nothing about my business arrangement with him. I could not care less about what rumors are floating around but I definitely take exception to people mentioning my name when they have no reason to nor have a clear understanding of the issues at hand. Thank you, that is all