BCH projected to hit $8K with 80% confidence level

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Over weekend, friend shared to me a youtube video that quite interesting. So happened I watched this youtuber video time to time, so I know his prediction is pretty of moderate one , instead of many others that simply shout a moon price to make you feel happy only.

If interested, can take a look at the video on his price prediction for these major cryptos:

After watching, one doube rise in my mind-- why he never mentioned about Litecoin ??


Ok apart from that, I would like to share with fellow friends here also the further data extraction from his video.

If talking about probability, the price he predicted as below, where BTC & Theta almost certain to hit the price prediction as per he wishes:


But if further dissect the chart together with the percentage of potential price appreciation, BCH stands a good chance ! With 16X for potential growth, and of probability 80%, I think BCH really shines with BCH of many real world users for daily transaction !


The projected price by this crypto Youtuber and our dear BCH investor MarcDeMesel ($22K) still have quite some gap. Anyway , the target price is good enough for BCH Hodler like us the strength to continue hold BCH zen-ly- The team is working hard in bringing in the dream to materialise. So we should have more faith in it.


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