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in #teammalaysia2 years ago

I hear people say that Leffe beers are good.

So I tried them.

This was when #TeamMalaysia hosted a meetup for @waybeyondpadthai as she was around town at the time.

Had a great time. The beer was good, although it may be a little too pricey for me (that's my fault, I'm a cheapskate).

I remember each glass costs around RM25, so $6?

I was also wearing @coingecko's shirt because they are such a cool company and I'm doing this social experiment of counting how many crypto dudes will out themselves when they say "Woah, CoinGecko!" at my direction.

Are Leffe beers good?

Well, based my experience, it tastes good. Don't expect to get drunk on it though becuase that's not the alcohol you should pay to get wasted with, there are cheaper options.

You can really taste the woody flavor and the smoky aftertaste from when the beer was marinating in the barrel.

10/10 would drink with a good plate of fish and chips.

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Oh no now you're making me thirsty 😂

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That is pricey indeed.

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It's meant to be enjoyed I guess. Not to get drunk with

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Indeed. The kind you drink once in awhile.

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