Swap.app. perfect for transfer your steem to hive

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Sincerely when I joined Steemit community,I am amazed with the community and how the blockhain can go this far. Within then community, there are any initiative that very benefit to all blogger.

One of the initiative that I love which is @tipu by @cardboard. In @tipu you can tip other blogger by using their services or earn curation by investing your steem power. Also I am also amazed with the works by @cardboard until today.

Recently @cardboard really impress everyone with @swap.app.

This is the platform that most new hive user or maybe seem user that wanna jump on to hive and transfer their steem to hive.

With @swap.app, you are just one click away to transfer your token to different platform.

Also if you are planning to get your token to exchange to your local currency, you also can do that by exchange token to bitcoin.

For beginner that do not know the complicated trading way, they can slowly to get used to what is it all about. Just like me when first I am using steemit, I am also don't know how to liquid our hard earn token to Fiat. But with this simple tools, they can easily hands on and can experience the way to exchange token and slowly to adapt and after that they can slowly to learn how to trade.

So for those want to transfer your hive and steem or get your hive to bitcoin, lets use this simple tools.

Again thanks to @cardboard for this wonderful initiative. Salute.


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