HACKED ! Beware of Phishing Sites


My Dear Friends

Lately I've seen a number of scam sites coming out of steemit and there are a lot of hackers out there trying to scam you of your STEEMs & SBD. Let me show you a few examples so you are aware of whats going on and make sure you do not fall into the trap.

1) Suspicious URL !

Checkout this site ! It looks like a 100% replica of Steemit.com however if you look closely, you would realize that its STEEWIT.COM instead . Once you login you would be


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.50.29 AM.png

Here is another scam site similar to the one above its called STEEMIL.COM . Again I do not advise you to goto the URL unless you really know what you are doing.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 1.56.13 AM.png

2) Wallet Transfer URL scam

Here is a clear example of the URL thru a Wallet transfer MEMO . Someone will send you about 0.001 SBD telling you that you've won something or even saying you need to claim your free STEEM / SBD and then provides you a URL to click.

Once you click the link it would tell you that you have won something and need to key in your passwords. That is where your account would be compromised.

picture by dragonsrous

3) Comments SCAM

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.19.04 AM.png

If you get these and you are 100% sure you did not plagiarize , do not click on the link ! It would bring you to a fake URL. In this particular example you can see that everything looks good in a glance and you would not suspect anything.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.21.07 AM.png

Take a closer look and you would realize that the "s" is not an "s" . Its another fake site !

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.22.58 AM.png

What can I do if I come across these sites ?


There would always hackers out there trying to steal your hard earned coins. So do make sure you take precautions as to which websites you visit and always look at the url closely before keying in your passwords.

Best is to only use your posting keys as no transfer of steem / sbd can be done without your MASTER / ACTIVE passwords.

Stay Safe and Have a great day.



Thanks for spreading the information, @bitrocker2020.
I was hacked myself last week. I was tricked by a fake ‘Grumpy Cat ‘ message. I was stupid enough to use my master password for daily logins... :0(
Once the hackers got into my account, they used it to send out their phising messages to other people. They also sent my SBD to an exchange and started the power-down process.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of a lot of people, I could recover my account ánd my reputation score before the hackers could get away with more money.

Yesterday, I posted a detailed guide on how to get your account and reputation score back after getting hacked
If you know of someone who has been hacked, feel free to refer to this guide.

Thanks for sharing @simplymike , sorry to have heard about ur account getting hacked . There are tons of these scams going on these days .

Yep, it is still going on. As long as the scam websites can’t be taken down, the hackers can have their way...

what does the fake grumpy cat message look like?

It looks exactly like the real grumpy cat message (of which you can see an example here, but the ‘Learn More’ link redirects to a phishing site, like steemil.com or steewitt.com (there are more of those)

@simpymike can I ask you a question on discord?

Of course you can.
My Discord tag is simplymike#5957

I never thought that a special character is allowed on the domain name. Just to add,

In case you encounter shortened URLs, there are sites that offers unshortening of URLS, just take a moment to visit these sites and check the link.

Here are a few recommendations

Thanks! That's helpful. Upvoted

Thank you for the warning! Today I at least met 4 such accounts that tried to steal passwords. But I was not at a loss and warned my friends and witnesses. Soon these scammers were tagged.

Great efforts in targeting these scammers

thanks for doing that!

This definitely needs spreading. Thanks @bitrocker2020 for the compilation.

Thank you so much for your informative post. Your post is very helpful to a newbie like me. I will spread awareness by restreeming your post. I hope the admins here will make necessary actions for those who kept on posting scam urls.

i'm sure they are trying to findout how to resolve this problem .. however its for each individual to make sure they are aware of these scams

Crazy, this is happened everywhere, also in our thai community 😒

It's going around like a bad flu ..

is the thai community on discord @impressable?

Yes, thaiteam is on discord. You better ask Mr. Ricko @ricko66 he is our leader and I think he will be able to give you the information you need to know.

We should notice the link before going.There are a lot of phishing website i know like, steemil.com

So everybody be careful

Thanks for the awareness @bitrocker2020. Don't know how many people get scammed everyday with these pishing sites.
Once i also got a link via steemit transfers but thanks to an another kind person like you, who created a post about it (I forget the name ). After that i also created a post about the scam and thanked, who made me aware about it.

Thanks for sharing @bitrocker2020, this is very informative. Best that we have specific tag for Hackers or Phishing happenings to get everyone informed. Well done!

@bitrocker2020, thanks for the heads-up. This at least alert any of us to set a precaution measure when dealing with such scenario.

Thanks for the information @bitrocker2020- very helpful indeed!

thanks for this very informative reminder.. this article would help all steemians to avoid not to be hacked and scam..thank you so much..

Thanks @bitrocker2020 ... Yes!! I am that person who had to click on the 3rd one.... I was like, huh? How could I have plagiarised when it was my account of what had happened. So of course Curiosity Killed the Cat except it didn't. I couldn't sleep all night, kept checking my account, checking to see what to do... checked first thing this morning.. to see if I still have it.... I think what saved me is I always log in with my posting key. That's the only explanation... however I have changed password as you have advised...

Thanks for information.
How about mspsteem.com?

mahu tukar password sudah ni. kalau x hancur la ni

Thank you, @bitrocker2020. I have a groupmate who is actually a victim of one of these sites. This is indeed an eye opener for everyone!

Thanks, @bitrocker2020 for the heads up. Gonna resteem this to spread the word.

Times must be really bad worldwide -- noticed more robberies in broad daylight on the ground and in cyberspace too.

Wow, phishing site and scammer again. They reall should help people get rich instead getting other poor. We all want to be free of debts so we work hard for whatever can get and they work hard to scam people hardwork. Thanks from spreading the words too bitrocker2020.

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lol .. here we go

lawa lah. hahah

Thanks a lot for sharing!

Resteeming this! Someone tried to do the plagiarism one to me the other day!! And I was like "I'm writing about my own personal memory, there's no way."

Useful infor. Thanks a lot

wow didnt notice so many scam site out there

Best is to only use your posting keys

I agree you should use these for most of your activities.

Thanks @bitrocker2020 I'm fairly new and I didn't think about such scam. Good to leverage awareness!

thanks for sharing @bitrocker2020! phishing sites are all over the internet right now. we need more posts and warnings like this so that we won't get hacked/scammed easily.