Things to be grateful for.

There has been a lot of things to be settled down lately. My personal life is almost in peace at last (I hope so by this month) but then my working life is a bit chaotic and I have a lot to catch up to. My performance is quite bad especially in catching up with my monthly schedule. I feel like I am working slower than a turtle can walk on land. Every time I thought that everything is almost settled, something else will come as a replacement. I guess that is how working life is. Getting a permanent job that gives me monthly payment is not easy. There are a lot of other people out there searching for a job and have not gotten one yet. Instead of complaining, I should be grateful that I have a job.

I might have budget problems now but I never go without food. I experience hunger but never went into starvation. I once prayed to God that I want to lose weight but every time I have extra money, I will always spend them on food. One day my husband said to me, "You always pray so that you can have a nice-looking body and healthy weight but every time you have money, you will eat. One day if God answered your prayer you might no longer have extra money so that you can cut down your eating habit" and he laughed. He was only joking at that time and I do not think that this is the way God answered my prayer.

Currently, I learned to be grateful a lot though I still have a few complaints about certain things like work in the office. A few days ago when I do not have money to buy lunch, our Muslim friends gave us the non-muslim a little celebration before their fasting season start. Some other day, someone bought me lunch, therefore I have extra money to buy my daughter drink powder. The biggest one of all, a friend from the Netherlands gave me money to help me pay for my debt management program so that I can have better budget management this month of April.

I am grateful for the existence of kindness that is still present in this world.

Yesterday a friend of mine is admitted to the ward because of appendicitis. She suddenly felt pain in her stomach and being admitted without any preparation. I bought her some food with some of the money I have left and she is worried that I do not have money to buy lunch. I said, "It is alright, have faith in God and He will provide". She is a Muslim while I am a Christian but faith still can be said in One word. I am grateful that we have a harmonious life even though we have different religions.

As for the word I said to her, I sold my BCH and LTC from my Nexo account and will be able to hold on until tomorrow. The next day after will be payday. I am grateful that someone introduces Nexo to me and I still have some ETH to spare as my little emergency savings.

Those are some of the things that I am grateful for. How about you?

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