Don't cry. Be a Man...

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Greetings my esteemed Steemians,

I haven't been blogging for a while due to unforeseen circumstances.

One of the reason is preparing my son for hospital admission tomorrow.

My youngest son has his own way to prepare himself.....mentally.

He is telling himself not to cry tomorrow with all the needles that going to go through his skin.


My son had suffered a congenital bilateral ptosis. Thats is how he got his sleepy eyes.

I know that he is anxious. So I let him do his things today including messing up with my phone.

Hope that everything will goes well.



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So brave and cute! Hope everything will go smoothly. God Bless.

Thanks bro.

Clever and brave boy! May God works through the hands of the Doctors, nursers and all are who involve. Speedy recovery.

Thank you. He is brave. He is looking forward for the operation. Hehehe.

Speedy recovery and stay strong . God Bless

Everything in God hand. God bless 🙏

Thanks. I'm a bit anxious but it's true, leave everythings in God's hand.

God bless he and you family too bro..keep praying...everthing will be okay!cheers💖

Thank you @chanelcalestus. Really appreciate it. Cheers

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Hey @papanog! Hope all is well and surgery went well. He is indeed a true “warrior”! Big hugs to him! Speedy recovery & God Bless!