How we met earliest adopter of steemit at Sabah aka North Borneo.

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Greetings my fellow Steemians,

Can you imagine getting acquainted with people from the other side of the world without steemit?

Steemit made it very possible to do that.

How did it happen?

Yesterday, I dropped by at @wilsonkoh's house as I would normally do on my way back from work.

I was told about the meet up with very senior steemians in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah aka North Borneo.

Though I was tired but there was NO way I'm going to miss the opportunity. Thanks buddy @wilsonkoh.

The meetup

As soon as we got to the meetup place, we saw a couple of unfamiliar faces. Then, I knew it was for real.

They were very friendly. @the-alien came all the way from Spain and @budgetbucketlist from New Zealand.
Sabah aka North Borneo was the perfect place! After introducing ourselves, we didn't waste our time and did the most important thing, took pictures. Taking picture has been a compulsory skills on this platform.😁

@budgetbucketlist, @the-alien and me @papanog did a we-fie while waiting for our pictures to be taken together as shown in the picture below with @wilsonkoh, @veenang, @viverridae and @danieldoughty.

The earliest adopter

They are one of the earliest adopters on the steemit platform. Same badge as another fellow steemians who have been consistently supporting us, @kevinwong.

The conversation was awesome as we understand what it meant to be on this platform.
And the reason why we are all on the steemit plaform. A lot of very valuable info has been shared by both @the-alien and @budgetbucketlist that night. Which we were truly grateful for.

Travel around the world

@budgetbucketlist had also shared the wonderful opportunity given by this platform that enable her to travel all around the world using steem earned from steemit. Number of countries that have been visited so far is 53.

Despite the username, @the-alien is no stranger to the steemit community. He has been a speaker on a couple of STEEMFEST event.

However, he couldn't not make it on the last steemfest held at Lisbon, Portugal.

What next?

We would be very much appreciate it if both @the-alien and @budgetbucketlist could come back to Kota Kinabalu Sabah aka North Borneo on the 3rd quarter of the year together with their friends who are also a well known steemian such as @donkeypong, who happened to be here several years ago, and maybe the co-founder @ned himself.

Wow! That would be totally awesome! It will immediately catapult #teammalaysia tag several notch higher in the map of steemit platform. Hopefully.

Last but not least

Thank you for @wilsonkoh, @danieldoughty, @viverridae and @veenang for making the meetup with steemit earliest adopter possible.
The beers was very refreshing.
A BIG THANK YOU to @the-alien and @budgetbucketlist for the support.

Thank you for reading.

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Lovely meetup indeed
I Wish to hold more meetups like this someday so I could get to keep the stemmit flag flying.
I'd love to attend a meet-up of yours someday
More achievements come your way 👍
Here's a meet_up of mine I conducted few days back, would appreciate you kindly check this out

nice work, upvoted

That must have been a really inspirational meet-up - thanks for sharing.

It was indeed.
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi, @cryptocurator , I fully agreed with you that the meet-up was something to be admired. I wish I could have this type of opportunity

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Thank you very much.

hi @papanog look to me you had a very fruitful and productive meet up. Good for you to shoe example of really meeting up with fellow steemian @the-alien who came from Spain and @budgetbucketlist all the way from New Zealand.
I think in a matter of time, Sabah will come out strong in Steemit activities


Thank you @digitalmind.
I really hope that #teammalaysia in Sabah can promote and add value to this platform.

Thank you for dropping by.

I am sure it will the direction of TeamMalaysia is very strong and surrounded with commited members

Indeed. We have some with strong character and leadership who are committed to build the community.

oh which part of Sabah you live ? Quite many years since I last visited KK and Labuan

nice one doc

too bad when I know the meetup, it already few hours from the announcement. lol

hope soon when we meet you can share more. cheers

Hope to meet more senior steemians in the future. Cheers

Ya. Cheers

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Good to meet you guys!

Really grateful to have meet you all. Back to New Zealand already?

Thank you for dropping by.

Thanks for meeting up @papanog! I had a great time meeting all of you. :)

P.S: I wasn't at steemfest since I had some important stuff I couldn't get around. That's what I was explaining to the guys actually. Which is why I don't want to miss the 3rd one and the Project X in September :)

Anyways, thanks for meeting up and I hope you have a great week!

Thanks for the medical advice :)

Thanks for the clarification. My bad😅.
Really hope that you guys can make it this coming September.

Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your support.

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