TeamPhilippines - Roll Call #6 - July 3

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The #TeamPhilippines is growing everyday, new minnows are joining daily. We read new stories, photos and event but it's too hard to keep up with hundreds of followers. I'm starting the daily roll call to keep us up to date.

Please contact @bearone to get your own. Please be nice to her.

If you are a member, you MUST up Vote, RESTEEM and COMMENT below with your new post for us to check it out, then I will update this article with the first one to comment (with their new post) will be on top, then second will follow, and so on. Attendance Roll Call start between 10am-1pm to cover Asia, Europe and USA.

By the way, If you VOTE UP and RESTEEM this post. Let me know and I will definitely check your site to comment and Vote Up a minimum of $.10 right away. I want to help other members post more exposure and a small token of appreciation.

If you don't check-in, your name will continue to sink (bottom of the list). The main objective is keep an active list of members of #TeamPhilippines and help everyone promote their contents.

To all active members, show your support to other members. Visit their posts, read it, resteem, comment and vote up.

Who will be the first to publish their article?
Ex. @yehey ---

@grazz ---
@gwapology ---
@mumssmoko --- no link provided to promote.
@roytc123 ---
@arnel --- --- please new member
@renepaolo ---
@lovysteem --- please new member
@bobiecayao ---
@kenshiu ---
@gpfelizco ---
@gabriellasam --- please new member
@secto ---
@loraine ---
@alyssaechavaria ---
@arrliinn ---
@siejab2004 --- please new member


Please follow me @Yehey, Vote Up and Resteem
Thank you.


Done. Thanks. @yehey

I check you in. You're welcome lovysteem.

Please check other members post, read it, voted and resteem. So we can help them out.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

Present! upvoted and resteem : )

I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

Wow I love to see Philippines as one country who are very active inside Steemit. I will follow everyone mentioned in this post and looking forward to see more of their posts and of course to upvote.

I am only two months here but I already see the huge potential of this platform. I have a colleague who just joined in this platform too @xiv, this only means that Steemit is really growing...

To @yehey, I appreciate your initiative to unite all of us Filipinos in this platform. I will try my best to post quality content everyday and an upvote and follow are also well appreciated. I am looking forward to turn this community to be a worthwhile platform to spend our time with. Not only profitable but also more educational and/or entertaining with very positive vibes... Steem on Pinoys and Steemians! Upvoted Resteemed and Followed!

Hi Arnel,
I checked you in. Welcome to #TeamPhilippines.

Keep in touch,

Thanks... looking forward to more interactions with Pinoy members.

How to join your team po? Please let me from Philippines

Hi @bobiecayao
I checked you in.

Please follow other members post, read it, comment and vote up. So everyone will help each other.

See above member's post to keep in touch.
Check back everyday and provide a link to promote.

Follow me @Yehey and all active members.
Thank you.

Done voting up and reesteem

H! Hope to be one of this.

I checked you in.
Welcome aboard to #TeamPhilippines

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

@yehey happy greetings TeamPhilippines!

I checked you in.

Check other members post, vote and resteem. Let's help each other.

Will do - cheers!

Team philippines!! Upvote Follow and Resteem 😊😊 Check this out my latest blog the beauty of kawasan falls philippines 😍

Upvoted and resteem it, from Philippines here. This is my latest.

I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

Done! :)
Followed. Upvoted. Resteemed.

Would love to be part of a bigger community where everyone is really connecting to everyone, not just virtually but even in reality! Steem on guys! Hope to you soon on the biggest steem event in the Philippines! Lets make it happen! Woooooooooooooh!

#TeamPH #TeamPhilippines #SteemitPH

By the way, Sushi photo is nice.
I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

Thank you so much! :) really felt nice that you appreciated it. :) made that one myself.

Wow impressive.

Count me in. Upvoted and followed. Marami na pala tayo dito. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

I will check you in. The top list are active members today.

Check in every day and make new friends. Vote up and resteem

Ok. Will do. Thanks.

Done with upvote and resteem. Please follow me @loraine and check out my latest post here

Thank you so much steemians!

You said you resteem. I checked your profile, you did not resteem.
Anyway, I commented and voted your post.

Cheers na lang,

Got it, added to the roll call list for today.

I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

Done following resteeming, and upvoting


I check you in.

Please visit other members post to help each other.

Thank you,

Yes po. @yehey I'll follow them

Up voted done :) You might want to follow me also? I will appreciate it very much, Thanks!

What's up with facebook link?

Checked in.

I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

Upvoted & Re Steem. Please check my latest post. You may wanna upvote, resteem or comment any activity will be much appreciated :)

Check in.

This is your first. Please check other member posts to read, vote up and resteem to help them out as well.
Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

Checked in.

I visited your site, comment and Voted up!

guy can we welcome her
she just started using steemit
@itsabeautifulife check this out =D

Great and good work

Upvoted and resteemed this post. Waiting for an upvote and resteem for my article below.
This is my article thanks.

Upvoted, how to be a member?

Hi, not sure if I am the one you are asking or the originator of this post. IN my opinion, just being a pinoy and using teamphilippines hashtag, you will be a member.

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