#MeatyMondays 10 Dec 2018 - Win 100% upvotes, @SteemBasicIncome & @IncinBoost shares

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#MeatyMondays are back! ... & with lots of prizes

The benefit of the price of STEEM being so low at the moment, is that it's a lot cheaper (in fiat terms) to "advertise" on Steemit.

But Steemit doesn't have ads?

True! ... But I've been speaking to my "real-world" sponsors about Steemit almost since the day I joined here, and my good friend Jimmy from Jimmy's Sauces has finally agreed to give it a trial for 3 months. He's given me some good old South African Rands and 100% of it was converted into STEEM.

Some of it was used to buy SP delegations (Which reminds me: I'm still looking for another 3, 000 SP if anyone has any they want to rent out) and some of it will be used to give away @IncinBoost & @SteemBasicIncome Shares.

What are the prizes?

  1. ~50% upvote (~$0.20 once I've got all my delegations) on all valid entries... depending on number of entries and VP etc.
  2. The first 5 valid comments/entries automatically receive 1 x @IncinBoost share.
  3. Every day that this post is open, 1 random entry will receive 1 x @SteemBasicIncome share ... i.e. enter on day #1 and stand 7 chances to win.
  4. At the close of the post (7 days from posting), 1 lucky South African entry will receive a Jimmy's Sauces hamper.
    (unless you're willing to pay the shipping costs from South Africa :P)

What was on @BraaiBoy's braai this past week?

I was asked to help out at Afro-Kook, a charity event, over the weekend. The entrance fee included 3 meal vouchers which could be redeemed from any of the 7 food stands which were manned by various South African TV celebs & Musos doing the dishing up. Because each person was going to eat 3 different meals, the idea was to keep each one to a starter portion size.

I made my legendary pulled pork, and because of the miniaturisation, they were affectionately dubbed "Strand Varkies". Loosely translated as "beach piglet".

Legendary South African singer Laurika Rauch was there, and while she didn't do any singing for us, she sang the pulled pork's praises for sure ;-)

There's going to be another Afro-Kook happening in March next year, so make sure you're following me if you want to be notified when it goes down.

Now show me yours

Comment below with a picture of your recent braai and you stand a chance of winning those shares, hampers & the guaranteed upvotes.
That's it! Easy Peasy!

ReSteems are VERY MUCH appreciated, but not required... if we can show my sponsors some great mileage, then I will be able to convince Jimmy (and new sponsors) to get involved even more and offer even larger prizes. So please strongly consider a ReSteem to get the word about this weekly comp out to even more people.

All the UpVotes & @SteemBasicIncome / @IncinBoost shares in this post are sponsored by Jimmy's Sauces!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JimmysSauces
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimmysauces2
Web: https://jimmysauces.co.za/

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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Those sauces are awesome, nice prize @braaiboy wish I took more photo's of braai's always seems the last thing on my mind!

Well... the comp is going to be running for 12 weeks... so you've got an (additional) incentive to light a fire every week now :P

Ahhh, what a wonderful idea and kuddo's for getting 'ole Jimmy's involved. Def's gna resteem... common Saffa's and beyond! To the moon and back again we'll go!
Look at that beautiful slow mo boerewors fat drip, lol ;)

Gg @braaiboy

That's awesome... I think they invented slow-mo just for braai pics. Love a good braai slow-mo :-)

20180825_110254-ANIMATION (1).gif

I duno why but I think I am addicted to Jimmies.... !!!!!!!

WOW... awesome gif.
... and yeah, it's very easy to get addicted to ol' Jimmy's. I use it a LOT myself ;-)

Oh yes... Congrats... as one of the 1st 5 entries, you automatically win an @IncinBoost share... and stand a chance of winning a @SteemBasicIncome share as well.

Damn that all looks so good, might check out how much the shipping is to murica :P

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Well @PeterTag... you're gonna need to ship a 7kg box.
If you do find out, please let me know... Just out of curiosity :-)

We dont Have braai but an egg

Oh yes.... Congrats @brittandjosie... as one of the 1st 5 entries, you automatically win an @IncinBoost share... and stand a chance of winning a @SteemBasicIncome share as well.

WoW great ! And that with a rumpsteak 😉

Nothing wrong with the Big Green Egg... does a braai as good as any other. That meat looks delicious!
Thanks for sharing.

We hated green so we have the BLACK BASTERD hagah image.jpg
And love the bastard 💪

WAY COOL!!!! I want one too now :-)
Assuming "Black Bastard" is a nickname... i.e. what's the brand? Never seen a black BGE before.


Its KAMADO but from the Same factor as the ugly green one 😂😂😂 cant live without the SOB😉


Smoking some briskets for the church festival.

AWESOME! Briskets are probably the toughest of all the barbecue cuts to get right in my books... but it's hard to beat the taste when you get them just right. Thanks for sharing!

Oh yes.... Congrats @wonderwop... as one of the 1st 5 entries, you automatically win an @IncinBoost share... and stand a chance of winning a @SteemBasicIncome share as well.

Thank you soooooo much @braaiboy my first share of @incinboost 👏

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Been a bit, but here is most recent. Chicken with grilled veggies too, although my all around fave braai is definitely ribs :)

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Ah! Yes... love me some ribs on the braai as well.

P.S. Congrats... as one of the 1st 5 entries, you automatically win an @IncinBoost share... and stand a chance of winning a @SteemBasicIncome share as well.

This makes me want to grill some meat tonight! Resteemed so that I remember to set up the grill!

Great stuff... I look forward to see what you share with us.

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Quite interesting ... and tasty)))))

Oh yes, the pulled pork is always a winner!


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Thank you @wokeprincess ... I've never heard of @blilssfish before. Will go check it out.

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No time to hunt any braai pictures now, but you seem to be doing well enough with this post my friend! Blessings!

All good... hope to see you back again next week though. You have an excuse to light a fire or two over the weekend now ;-)

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