STEEM is worth 4 TIMES MORE in South Africa

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I Love Steem

I've been a big fan of Steem ever since I joined earlier this year... it reminds me a lot of the early days on other social channels... Easily making new friends with real people, and having real conversations. In fact @BaasDeBeer, the other guy in this video, I met through Twitter back in ~2009 and we've been great mates ever since.


The difference being that you get paid for what you post on Steemit (or any of the other dApps). No worries if you don't know what a dApp is... that's not important for now. What IS important is that you get paid (in STEEM cryptocurrency) for whatever you post.

All good and well, but if you had millions STEEM, but couldn't do anything with it, then technically it is worthless... might as well get paid in "likes" then :P

Steem is worth real money - #Steem4Food

Fortunately STEEM CAN be traded on various exchanges for fiat currency, which is also nice... but wouldn't it be cooler if you could spend your STEEM at retail shops as well... just like using your credit card?

Well... I've heard of a few small businesses across the globe already accepting STEEM, and now you can spend your STEEM in South Africa as well :-)

In this video you can watch @BaasDeBeer and I swap "0s & 1s" for a "Pork Acoustics Roll".

1 STEEM is worth US$0.35 at the time of making this video, but in South Africa 4 STEEM is now worth ZAR75.00 (~US$1.35/STEEM) ... that's more than 4 times more than if you just sold it on an exchange... when buying food at a BraaiBoy food stand anyway :P


I'm going to be working hard in 2019 to convince my other business owner mates to be doing the same ... #WatchThisSpace ;-).

P.S. Thanks Park Acoustics ( for supporting the 1st transaction and getting on board for 2019.

OK, but what IS STEEM?

If you're reading this post because of a link on any of my other social channels, then you may not have heard of Steem/Steemit yet, but if you reach out to me I'll gladly give you the elevator speech. You can drop me a DM on whichever platform you're following me on, or message me through my website:

Hands-On workshops

Early in 2019, I'm going to be starting monthly hands-on workshops to get my blogger/vlogger friends on board with Steem. Together with the legends behind @Steem-UA we'll be creating free & instant Steemit accounts for everyone that's interested.

As with everything else I do, it's gonna be a party!

So even you don't think you're interested in getting paid for the posts you are already making on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / Whatever, then come for the all-you-can eat braaivleis buffets and down a couple of BraaiBerys (i.e. BraaiBoy Lager) with me and just have a jol.

I've been working with @BaasDeBeer, @TheArneD & @Donsie (who promises to have his #introduceyourself post up before the end of the day ... nudge, nudge @Donsie) over the last couple of weeks to fine-tune what a newbie Steemian experiences and/or wants to know/doesn't understand. i.e. These workshops are gonna give you a massive head-start in understanding the (only at first) tricky Steem ecosystem.

Liked this video/recipe? Maybe you thought it was crap?

Either way, let me know in the comments below.

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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Nice upbeat content, swagger into the new year with a smile!

Thanks... so when are we seeing you up here in Pretoria for some lekker braaivleis? It's pretty cheap if you pay with STEEM :P

Reminder: Lots of fun stuff gonna be happening with STEEM here in SA...

I'm looking to rent 15K SP for 12 weeks so that I can reward Steemians when they interact with my posts.. so if you have 5K - 15K SP available (or know someone who does) and want to earn some STEEM, please get in touch.

Details here:

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Hey @braaiboy. What an amazing SteemIt promotion hattrick. :0)
Very creative and original ways to convince people to join. The food-selling as well as the post on other networks and the workshops... I'm genuinly impressed by your creativity.

Great that you found and can exploit some arbitrage.

I am an Asian-American; hence, I enjoy more arbitrage opportunities than the usual American without a couple Asian passports.

Good for you...

Namaste, JaiChai

Well, actually NO... I'm technically just selling food for a heavy discount (if the person pays using STEEM). i.e. I'm losing out on the deal... BUT I hope to encourage some positive sentiment re STEEM in my hometown by doing so, and onboard a lot of my local blogger/vlogger friends.

Oh. I thought you got in on the 0.335 USD dip recently and was sharing the wealth.

My bad.

Namaste, JaiChai

It's awesome that businesses there are opening their doors to crypto. I think the point of crypto is to replace fiat so Hodling all the time is counter-active.

Lucky you to get to spend steem at a high exchange rate.

It's awesome that businesses there are opening their doors to crypto. I think the point of crypto is to replace fiat so Hodling all the time is counter-active.

Well... So far it's only me (that I know of) here in SA... but I've got enough mates that I can convince to experiment with it too.

Lucky you to get to spend steem at a high exchange rate.

This is true... but unfortunately it also means that initially investing in STEEM costs us a lot of fiat. ... but yes... long-term it works in our favour.

Good initiative. I see steem going back up to $1 before February ends.

Well... we can all hold thumbs for that... or why stop there actually... let's aim for $10 ;-)

Hopefully more country can adopt this in near future, can't wait to see that happen!

Indeed... the more the merrier!

That's so cool that they already adapted cryptocurrency there. Hopefully they do it too here in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Well... you can always suggest it to a few businesses yourself ;-)

Yes that's true but there's a stigma here when in comes to crypto haha

You are definitely the class leader my boy! Well done!

Well... it's only possible with the support of awesome folk like yourself and the rest of the legends in #TeamSouthAfrica

Awesome work @braaiboy. I'll definitely have to look you up on my next visit to SA, and come for a braai and jol with my STEEM.

For SURE!!!! I braai EVERY day... so you're welcome any time ;-)

Greetings from Holland. I spoke with a Debeer (age ~70) once but that was in Northern Australia where he lived now. He left SA.

Hey @GoldRooster

Hahaha... Yeah, "De Beer" is a fairly common surname here in SA... while @BaasDeBeer sometimes acts like he's 70, I doubt it's the same person :-)

@BraaiBoy, maybe @GoldRooster knows something we don't... I am actually a 70 year old dude with MAD make-up skills.
Personally, I like this, which means I am actually in amazing shape for a pensioner :p

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