Facebook Is Expanding Spotify Partnership With New 'Boombox' Project - [2021-04-19 0Req8G]

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Druva raises $147M at a valuation north of $2B as the cloud rush continues: Alex Wilhelm

Druva, a software company that sells cloud data backup services, announced today that it has closed a $147 million round of capital. Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), a group that manages Quebec’s pension fund, led the round, which also saw parti…

Flawed data is putting people with disabilities at risk: Cat Noone

Our products are long overdue for a new, fairer data framework to ensure that data is managed with people with disabilities in mind.

UiPath raises IPO range, still targets lower valuation than final private round: Alex Wilhelm

Robotic process automation unicorn UiPath is set to go public this week, concentrating our focus on its value.

Fitbit’s latest is a $149 ‘luxury’ fitness tracker: Brian Heater

It’s been a strange few years for Fitbit. After defining the fitness tracking space, the company was a bit late to the smartwatch trend, but was still able to ride that wave to a rebound. But while watches have received most of the press the now Google-owned …

Facebook is expanding Spotify partnership with new 'Boombox' project: Lucas Matney

Facebook is deepening its relationship with music company Spotify and will allow users to listen to music hosted on Spotify while browsing through its apps as part of a new initiative called “Project Boombox,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday. Faceboo…

Facebook invests in audio with short-form Soundbites feature, podcast support, and a Clubhouse clone: Sarah Perez, Lucas Matney

Facebook today officially announced a suite of new audio products — an indication that it’s taking the threat from Clubhouse and other audio platforms more seriously. The company is doing more than just building its own take on Clubhouse, however, it’s also a…

Geico admits fraudsters stole customer driver's license numbers for months: Zack Whittaker

The auto insurance giant said it has fixed the website bug.

These three investors think founders need some TLC (Collective funds): Danny Crichton

Venture capital is a networks business — from networks of founders to the web of investors and angels and gossamer threads of potential customers, talent, and service providers. The density of those networks determines success: find just the right person to f…

Xbox Cloud Gaming beta starts rolling out on iOS and PC this week: Lucas Matney

The era of cloud gaming hasn’t arrived with the intensity that may have seemed imminent a couple years ago when major tech platforms announced their plays. In 2021, the market is still pretty much non-existent despite established presences from nearly all of …

No one behind the wheel in deadly Tesla crash Saturday night, say authorities: Aria Alamalhodaei

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is opening an investigation into a crash involving a Tesla that authorities say was operating with no one behind the wheel, which left two men dead on late Saturday evening outside of Houston. The 2019…

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Who's still using Facebook? I bet they still have their Myspace account too.

Stockholm that digital ghetto!

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