Need a new phone - OnePlus 5T vs Smaller Phones (Eg. Sony XZ1 Compact). Any Recommendations?

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I think soon I'll need to buy a new phone. My first phone ever was OnePlus One and I was extremely happy.
It had Cyanogen OS (Now Lineage), great specs for the price, great back finish, good battery life and camera, etc.

I was a happy customer.

Though then it fell when I was scrambling up the most famous mountain in Slovakia - Krivan.
It still works though the touchscreen does not. That renders the phone almost useless.

Then I was using Samsung Galaxy S3 with Cyanogen, which was way too laggy. Then I borrowed Samsung Galaxy S5mini from my sister and put Cyanogen OS on it again. I'm using this one for quite a while now (Not sure if 6 months or 1 year and 3 months). I have to say I got used to the smaller size of the phone and I love it.

When I was buying OnePlus One (OPO) I thought I'd read books on the phone so I wanted to have it the size of OPO. And I did read some books on it. Though it's not ideal. Then I was making videos with it and taking pictures, though due to the size it was kind of hard to attach securely on the tripoid. Though the pictures were great.
And of course, it's pretty huge for certain pockets.

Right now, the SG5m is getting laggy, too. The camera is almost unusable and I'm constantly running out of space due to Podcasts.

What do I want now

  • Good camera for videos and pictures with good stabilisation
  • Dual SIM (for travelling, plus I have too many SIMs for different purposes, eg. security)
  • No gaming
  • fast charging
  • USB type C
  • Potentially reading books with Twighlight running. Though I did get Kidnle Paperwhite which I will be testing out and see how it is to read a book on it during the night and how much blue light it emmits.
  • Pretty close to Stock Android or possibility to put LinegeOS (now or soon)
  • Shoud last a long time (at least two years)
  • Enough space for podcasts

I quite like Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. I like the dedicated camera button and fingerprint sensor to the side.
Though it's not Dual SIM and the storage is quite low probably. And compared to OnePlus 5T which would cost me pretty much the same I feel like I get less for my buck. With OP5T software I get the camera button with double press of a power button. And the ifngerprint sensor can be used with gestures, too (for example to bring down notifications),
Though I'm not sure if OP5T is not too big.

Also, OnePlus had some security issues recently that did not bring too much confidence in me.

Here's a great review of OP5T with some great cinematography (Yes, great cinematography, in a review. Honestly, watch the beginning :) )

Also, there is CES coming up in January, and MWC (Mobile specific conference) in February where new phones might be announced and I'm sure I can survive two or three more months doing just fine. Probably even more.

Do you have any recommendations for me?
I don't really wanna spend more than 550 Euros. Preferably less.

If you also want to get OnePlus phone use this link and get 20Euro off on accessories.

If you want to know how I modify my Images, check out my post about a tool I created

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