How to set up WhatsApp to make your data plan last longer

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One of the most used applications in any mobile phone today is the messaging service par excellence, WhatsApp , the tool that captivates the market of text messages.

Like every application that requires an internet connection, and to which it is subjected to intense use, WhatsApp becomes one of the largest megatrers of telephone data plans , even when it is running in the background. And especially when one is in a lot of groups where they share heavy files, such as videos, GIFs, audios and photos.

In this sense, to avoid that multimedia files consume much of the data limit included in the most common rates, it is necessary to configure WhatsApp so that they only download automatically when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To ensure that heavy files are not downloaded automatically, consuming mobile data, it is necessary to change the default settings , in Settings -> Data and Storage , where you have to verify that the Automatic Download of Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents is only It produces in the presence of a WiFi connection .

Just in that section of the configuration there is another functionality that allows calls made through WhatsApp consume less data. It is in the Call Settings section and the option that must be activated is "Decrease data usage" .

Another possibility to avoid the excessive consumption of data by WhatsApp is to make sure that the Backup of chats, if activated, only works when the device is connected to a WiFi signal and, if not, at least select the option so that it does not include videos in the backup.

Finally, it is advisable to go to the configuration of the phone system and disable the operation of WhatsApp in the background , ie: prevent it from continuing to work when the application is not open to full screen. It is true that this will prevent us from receiving notifications at the same time that messages are sent to us, but it will also prevent WhatsApp from continually spending data . In addition, it will no longer be WhatsApp who decides how many times you check the phone's screen.


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