Improvement through self-destruction Nvidia and AMD.

in #technologies3 years ago (edited)

           Thought processes always occur in our head, different ideas, plans come in and a lot of information is unknown where and for what.  At least that's what happens to me.  Where these thoughts come from, I don’t know at all.  One of them visited me.          
         Being engaged in daily chores, just a thought occurred to me that did not give me peace for a week, and even now it flies in my head, constructing everything new and new.  Like a snowflake running across the field, at the end of his journey, a giant lump rolled up.  The concept itself, I still do not understand = (.

          Video card production does not stand still, hundreds of employees create and improve their products every day.  The largest corporations are the well-known Nvidia and AMD.  It was they who stirred my thoughts.

And my thoughts began on improving through self-destruction:

  • The first thing that occurred to me was “Select a line of video cards, according to availability from the middle to the lowest price category.  Including outdated models »
  • To reveal in them vulnerability or - “to create it by development”.  at the physical level, that is, the graphics processor, video controller, etc.
  • Release an update or software, which includes a certain set of functions.  After a certain time after installing the software, the function starts and turns off some parameters, resulting in overheating, short circuit or other damage.
  • If you make such a large-scale move, you should work on advertising and launch advertising on your products.  Present new samples, remind of earlier developments.
  • A non-warranty case will force a person to buy a new video card for himself that may apply to one of the companies.  If you offer a partnership to competitors, then perhaps a good enrichment of firms.

         To make a small error in the development that would destroy the product and give birth to a new and better.  Burning the bridges.
        If you look from the positive side, then these developers will raise the level of computing power of ordinary users who can spend more comfortable time at the computer.  And then we have not come to the end of any technology at all, we are repairing it, modifying it, and so on.
       In general, I thought to write about this to the developers, then I changed my mind, because I did not dare. 

        Thoughts that I wrote above, just came into my head, I am not interested in the latest technology and computing power, software and hardware.  So I’ll just leave them here.  Thank.


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