BANKERA (Bank Of the Blockchain Era)

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BankEra is building a digital bank for the Era of #Block chain, to #Mobilize Traditional and crisp-based #Banks and make a stop shop for all financial services.


In order to collect funds for the project, #Baraara has already launched an #ICO, which has already raised #100 million euros and has more than #82,000 partners.

During the #IOC #Bank, currently #BNK is offering banner (BN) tech for purchase of #0.021 euros. But the sale of the basket is still alive, so it is not remembered yet and is required to join #Bankera's #ICO at!

All BN #Token Holders are entitled to a weekly commission set up by 20% of Bakra and its MTP spectro-scan net transaction earnings have been paid in ETH. So far before 2000 ETH has already played IOC and IOO participants.

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