Introduce a Chinese social networking app ------Wechat

in #technology3 years ago

In China, most software is blocked by the government, such as facebook, Google and whatsapp line
So a lot of companies have created applications to replace these applications
Tencent has launched a social networking app to make people's lives more convenient
It is - wechat
Its function is similar to whatsapp where people can use him to send text messages to friends and relatives and call video to chat
One of its most important functions is the ability to transfer money
Wechat pay
You can use WeChat to pay for items by scanning a qr code
Now this payment method is very popular in China and even the grocery store can support WeChat payment
So in China you only need to take a mobile phone with you
Because WeChat payments are everywhere
It saves a lot of unnecessary trouble
Even now in Thailand, Japan, parts of southeast Asia and European cities can use the WeChat payment

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