AI Could Help Pandemic Response, but We Must Monitor It

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Artifical intelligence could be the future of disease and pandemic tracking. Epidemiologists and computer models were utilized to help attempt to stem the tide of the Pandemic, and AI will be used as the technology evolves. Can an AI system be used and trusted to manage a pandemic response given our current level of technology and ethics concerns?

Artifical intelligence can take in data and create a response based on its assessment. We are at the incipient stages of development, but as the technology becomes more autonomous, we need to check to ensure it acts in a beneficial and ethical way. Computer models must be checked for accuracy by human quality analysts, and a blind reliance on AI may be dangerous.

Data privacy and ethics make AI's intervention tricky. We need to see what the AI suggests we do and how it came to its decision. Current systems in use in the military are required to report on how they came to their conclusion before they take action. We need to conduct quality checks on AI's conclusions to see if they are congruent with ethics and privacy concerns before we act.

AI will play a larger role in our lives as we move forward. Huge companies and governments worldwide are already using and developing these platforms.

What are your thoughts on using AI technology in the future? Will be become lazy and trust the systems or will we be dilligent with our system checks? I am worried the former cases could be deleterious to our future. Pandemic response could be aided by AI usage, but we must stay vigilant.

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