To Find Aliens, We Need to Use Other Methods Including Looking at Organic Molecules in Space

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The Fermi Paradox infers that there has been no evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations, despite the vastness of space and our search. We have been using radio wave signal searching for decades, but as our reliance on radio transmissions decreases it follows that advanced civilzations may no longer use radio waves. We need to start looking at new technologies and methods to search for extraterrestrial life.

As we advance as a species, we use fewer radio producing devices to communicate. We now use fiber optics and wire communications, and as our civilizations evolve, we may use even more technology. Communications technology has come a long way since the telegraph, and if we are dealing with civilizations that got a million year jump on us, they would likely not be using radio waves.

SETI is the project that uses enormous radio telescopes to search for radio signals. We need to start looking at other singals including light and neutrino beams and fluctuations in gravity. We may also be able to see the effects of quantum entanglement and photon beams of light with complex messages. We are now learning to add data to DNA, so clouds of organic molecules may yield messages. There are many such clouds in the universe.

Technology will advance in our own civilization to a point that radio waves are seen as archaic as a telegraph wire. We will be able to encrypt and entangle particles, and quantum computing may help us do so. Clouds of organic molecules may yield information as well.

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