What is technology? Have technology made our life easier on the cost of making it more stressful for us?

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What is technology?

Technology is derived from the word technique which means skill, methods and procedure. So from this, we can say technology is a combination of skills, methods and procedures which are used to produce or to make planned products. The process of producing goods is part of technology or it can define technology. Technology is mostly related to Scientific studies. But with every age, its definition changed too. Machines, tools(every kind) are part of technology in a sense. Nowadays, technology is referred to different kinds of machines which includes mobile phones, auto-mobiles, computer and many others. In short, every instrument that makes our work easy or help us in performing our daily tasks are considered to be part of modern technology.


One of the most famous addition to our modern technology is drone,


Have technology made our life easier on the cost of making it more stressful for us???

This is a kind of question for which every person have different opinions. For many, it can be yes and for many it can be no. Lets divide this first into two parts.

Technology have made our life easier:

No doubt about it. Technology have made our life easier in many ways.

  1. Mobile phones are the products of technology through which we can communicate with our family and friends, no matter how far we are from each other but we can stay in contact with each other.
  2. Automatic machines like washing machines have saved our hands from getting rough because now we use them to clean and wash our clothes.
  3. Computers are the most fruitful products of modern technology. They have made our life a lot easier. It can perform huge calculations for us just in few seconds, which means they save a lot of our time.

Technology have made our life easier but on the cost of making it more stressful for us.

According to my point of view, I think yes technology have given us easy life but on the cost of making our lives more stressful. Why I am saying this.

  1. For making our projects, we sit at the same place for several hours which in result can have a bad effect on our circulatory system. And bad blood circulation can be a reason to increase our stress.
  2. Nowadays, computer games are so addictive that we can play regular for several hours without even moving an inch aside. Studies have shown that playing games on computers, gaming consoles and smart phones can cause an increase in our stress level. It can also make us feel depressed.
  3. Technology have made us lazy too. It has reduced our physical activities which is the major cause of high rate of obesity.

What we can do to keep everything in balance???

I am not saying to just take technology out of our life because its not possible for us to do it. It has become part of our life. But we can take measures to keep everything in balance. We should use technology but at the same time we must make sure to not fully rely onto it. We should stay up to date with our tech life but we have to take time out for our physical activities as well.

Concluding my article with this meaningful and famous saying,

"Excess of everything is bad".

Feel free to share your thoughts about this interesting topic. Give your opinions and point of view.

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Nice and briefly explained. In other words we can say that technology is a kind of miracle...

Yea indeed. It is kind of like miracle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

You are welcome

Nice post

Great post

Your insight post carries the real message, there must be balance!

Thank you for the compliment.

You're welcome! I have just followed you and would appreciate a follow back, I would be interested in seeing more of your insightful posts!

Sure. Stay tuned for more.

Great, I'm up for it!

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