Oh, I never thought of the internet as in phases, but I like to look forward to it this way, good post.

I have not heard of brave, but I know google chrome.

Also for the payment system there is another one that is like paypal called bread you should look it at coinmarketcap.

It's actually really cool to see the crypto versions of current apps! We're an active part of the future!

Update: I actually just downloaded the Brave web browser. Let's see how it is!

Add Google and duckduckgo.
YouTube and dtube

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


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Thank You! ⚜

Ok i get it thanks again!

I've asked you before to stop spamming your replies out, always using the same GIF and you always include your REFERRAL LINK in the 2nd one embedded in the photo, but you do not reply and you keep doing this.

From this point on I will be tagging 3 major accounts here who deal with spam, this behaviour will get you flagged to 0 in record time once they deal with you.

Do you understand???

Hi barry, iam sorry dont wont to border u, i took the ref link down! But i created that Post Thank u post, for Content that i really like. I work 2 jobs, thats why i got not much time Steamit. Iam sorry, my bad!

thanks for warning me and not destorying me instandly!

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