Cybersquatting = what is it ? and how to become rich in seconds ?

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All companies and utilities, both public and private, have become aware of the importance of the Internet. Many of them are now available on the Internet portal through which they know their project or offer various services such as selling or buying. In the midst of this fierce competition between companies to build their virtual reputation and brand name. We find that companies are keen to have their domains on the Internet with the same name of their companies, so we may hear that there are airlines that buy domain names in the millions of dollars only because that range is in line with the name of its companies. This means that a new type of trading is trading domains. If trading sites domains means that a person buys a huge amount of ranges in the form of 'random' cheap prices do not exceed $ 20 a year may sell thousands or millions of dollars later only because a company's name matches The domain name that a person has booked before them and the company enters into a bargain with the merchant.

Here we find that a new type called cybersquatting is that it follows the news, as it did not transmit spying (targeted) and tries to know any news about any known company that may open a branch in a particular country or set up a new company or launch a new product Before the company offers the product or service, the company is forced to enter into a bargain with the owner of the domain in order to sell it at a suitable price.

For example, we assume that a company called Voice Telecom will launch a program on television to discover talent in America or Dubai and the program will be global and the program will be called voice talent. The Cybersquat will reserve all domains that the company is supposed to receive in the following format:


Of course the company here if you find the scope of may consider moving to another global domain but the problem is that it will find all other domains reserved by the same person. But the company can not change the domain name of the site to any other similar name, for the simple reason is because it is afraid of the program followers write the name of the program as it is within the scope of booking Cybersquat and enter site may be fraudulent and have a relationship with them.

Cybersquatting may change your finances situation in minutes if you can target the right product at the right time! In the United States, associations against this type of blackmail have been set up to protect company's  interests.

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Man if I could go back to the 2000's and reserve every decent domain name out there...

hhhh me too man ;))

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