The concept of artificial intelligence : capabilities & risks

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Artificial intelligence is defined as a branch of computer science, which is a specific behavior and characteristics that are followed by computer programs so that they can simulate the mental abilities of people in their different modes of work. The most important of these abilities is the ability of the machine to learn and draw conclusions and decisions, Of reactions.

- Establishing artificial intelligence

The field of artificial intelligence was founded on the assumption that intelligence can be described in a precise way that enables modern machines to simulate and imitate them, thus creating a philosophical debate between the nature of the human mind and the boundaries of the scientific curriculum. The term artificial intelligence has suffered from many setbacks and obstacles until it became an essential part of modern technology He has even been able to solve many complex problems in the world of modern computers.

- Artificial intelligence capabilities

The acquisition of information and the ability to learn and understand through actual practices and practical applications, in addition to experience gained by carefully distinguishing between different issues and excluding inappropriate information, and choosing from a range of options. Responding to different variables with complete flexibility, time and time, so that the machine is quick and in different situations. Making the right decisions through the cognitive and mental skills of the different aspects of the problem, studying the range of probabilities received, knowing the outcome of each probability, identifying the desired outcomes of each probability, and choosing the best possible decisions that reach the desired results. The development of general laws through a set of examples in front of the machine, whatever, and knowledge of the essence of things through the distinction between different types of information. Acquire knowledge and use it to solve problems and problems The machine is confronted by experiences that are stored inside it. Transferring experience and self-experience to new positions and areas to identify and deal with similarities in these situations. The ability to detect, track, correct and find errors in errors, as well as access to various improvements in the future and in later versions of machines. Understand and analyze ambiguous and unfamiliar situations through the use of logical reasoning and the method of linking multiple and similar situations.

- Artificial intelligence risks

Fear of the elimination of the human race, for example the reference of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking that the development of full artificial intelligence may cause the annihilation of the human race, and warned of the ability of these machines to redesign themselves in the long term, Microsoft president Gates expressed his desire to remain robots stupid to some extent.

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