Are we on the brink of becoming Intelligent Human Race or leading towards extinction?

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I usually like evolution and development in technological field but the recent developments are both frightening and interesting at the same time. Nobody exactly knows how they will impact mankind but still we can't stop progress in hope for better future.


Elon Musk revealed details about its startup called Neuralink and he plans sew electrodes in human brain by 2020. He claimed that one test subject monkey has been able to control a computer with its brain with the help of AI. Of course its primary purpose is to treat serious brain disease and brain damage but they do plan to use for human enhancement in future.

Main operational details are mentioned in following presentation:


It is a technique in which we can superimpose existing pictures and videos to create fake videos and we already saw its exploit in the form of revenge porn and fake celeb videos, making your public internet profiles more vulnerable. It could have many positive implications if we actually decided to focus on that but it will definitely get difficult to identity the difference between fake and real videos soon. I was really amazed to see Mona Lisa brought to life.


This another AI tool can try to construct your face by providing it sample of your voice.
Source Project


Imagine the possibilities when all these of these features will be available for end-users. It may not necessarily lead towards extinction but there is a slight chance that we might compromise our core human values along the way and eventually choose to be advance cyborgs or prefer virtual reality over real-life experience.


To give a little feel of utopian future, I am going to embed 'audio' in this post, so do open this post on SteemPeak and play while reading this post because it will not work on or other condensers.


the future will be great <3 we place those electrodes on a regular base. There is even use in humans and there is research for years now and still, no magic has happened. The brain/neocortex is global structure and perception is a decentralized/distributed phenomenon, needling your cortex will not make anyone reading your mind.

But Google and Facebook can profile you and read your mind better than anybody could. They already can and have predicted pregnancy before the people even know they are pregnant.

That is so true, we don't fully realize the extent to which these tech giants are exploiting our privacy and personal data.

Interesting. Have to see and read all later...resteemed to watch it again ;)
Technology vs/ meets humanity....

Thank you so much.

I'm generally pessimistic about mankind's creations and technology advances, because it's made and developed by companies that focus on money and income, so as long as their selling, why should they care about peoples health and wellbeing?
So when I hear about neuralink, the first thing that comes to my mind is human robots, people controlled by corporations.

There's another paradox here, as we create stronger and more advanced tools, we become lazier and weaker, because we don't need to work as hard as before.

In the end, I'm not very pessimistic about the technology development and advanced tools, I'm concerned with the goal of people who are using it.

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It's exactly that. And it's exactly what they will do. They already are, this is just a way to make it all happen faster. Gotta push push push.

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You are right, maybe we need to set some limits or boundaries for ourselves.

Cant say I'm surprised at how they are messing with the brain but I can say that I still don't like it. the brain is always evolving. A muscle that is always learning.

The way I see it, there will always be something created and labeled as something that will cure something. In this case I doubt it's the main purpose. Cure stupid? Most likely. But then what else? What else more will they do when toying with your brain? Anything and everything they can. They are already doing it, so why not go deeper, skip the the 3rd party and dig right in. Who is to say they haven't started that already?

The thing is, it's not the "stupid" that are actually stupid. Its the people that are toying with such crap that are. These are the same people that will lead to our mass destruction, thus leading to our death and extinction.

Sorry for the rant. I don't like reading about the next thing to you with your brain shit. Stupid agendas and elite crap.... Blah...

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Totally agreed, it will be very hard to find real intentions behind all these great inventions.

No need to be sorry about anything, I do like your blunt rants because they are most honest ones.

I'm always honest. It's the type of honesty that comes out in different occasions. ☺️

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We are slaves of one mistake after another yet science still advances. In a world dominated by politicians and corporations, Science is playing the long race, and who knows; It might take over.

True story, hopefully it will not fall into wrong hands.

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