Tech Ideas💡 - Don’t just discuss about them, Develop them and put them in motion 😉

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Starting simply,

That's my advice and understanding of this.

Everyone , who is related or not to Tech or has or not Tech Background, that have a Tech Idea which have potential to be great at some point, should develop that idea and put it in motion not just discuss about it.

| 1. How do you get that idea?

It can come from nowhere, you can get a moment of inspiration at some point in your life and you can say, this is interesting, maybe i can do something about this. You follow a lot of tech news, read a lot of tech articles, you have a been at multiple startup presentations, tech conferences, you have a lot of friends in tech industries, you are a developer, you are an engineer and a lot more. There are infinit of possibilities where you can get that idea or get the inspiration needed. That's all: You get the inspiration and that's where the idea comes.

| 2. How do you know it is good and has great potential?

You cannot know at first for sure, but you must have self confidence, and not only.
I am sure that you must be exciting about your idea and cannot wait to just start it asap, but you need to be sure that your idea is the right one. There are a lot of possibilities that the fail rate might be a bit more up then the success rate, but also there are possibilities that your idea can be a game changer.

| 3. What do you do next?

1. Study the current environment. If your idea is a product, be sure to check if there is a similar one in the market
2. Find the right person to share your idea. You will need one for sure. Also you need to get the most help you can. You will need it.
3. Team up. The success of creating the perfect team depends on how you are able to present your innovative idea

During the way, for sure you will need also these:

  1. Investment / Money
  2. Business Plan
  3. Partners
  4. Proper Collaboration
  5. Required Tools

Having a tech idea, moving from the phase when you just discuss about it, into the phase that you develop that idea, put it to motion, develop a product, a software, a startup, a brand, can define your path.

Have anyone here in Steem Community have developed a tech idea into a product, into a startup or tech business with or without having a tech background? I would love to discuss about it. Ping me in the comments. Let's connect!


I have experience of two successful (non-tech) businesses in the past.

I and @matrix-8 have a tech idea and are up to 3.2
I am working on 3.3 but presentation is not my forte, i am struggling. Currently preparing a post on this matter.

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