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I am writing this as it is so interesting and with technology being so far ahead, who am I to say they are wrong.

This video shows a face of a man who I do believe is the face of Jesus as there has never ever been another shroud found like this.

Courtesy of you tube

There were many people who were crucified, and covered and buried as well.

Why do we not see their faces and bodies on cloth like this?

Image Source

Everyone has a right to decide for themselves but in my opinion it must be the face of our Jesus who died on the cross for us as there really is this Shroud of Turin, and there has to be truth to it as there are no others found.

People do not all believe in God and some think he died there and never got up.

That is their right, but if anyone can show me another cloth with the face and body of somebody who was crucified that might change my mind but I do not think it is possible to find another.


Sort: interesting. I’ve always been fascinated with documentaries about Jesus’s life and life at that time. All the artifacts around this are amazing, like the shroud of Turin, the mysterious hand in the Last Supper...etc!

Its so hard to believe the truth I guess well never know for certain??

Hola @brightideas

I think I've seen at least twice this documentary on the History channel and although there are many controversies; I am convinced that the face that appears on the shroud of Turin is that of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thanks for the video and Regards

Let people believe what works for them, their choice.

It is not possible to see another. It can only be our Lord Jesus Christ

Even those who saw and met him while he was here , the majority did not believe in him, so why would this shroud make others believe? Nevertheless this is a fascinating Post. Man is always trying to find proof when we need to exhibit faith!

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