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RE: EFFECT.AI -The Game Changer

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I just had a chance to read your post fully. little bit to late to be able to upvote. sorry

Really good piece of work. Im following all originalworks contenst and I know that this is second time they want people to write about
competition seem to be fierce and I must admit that your post is one of my fav so far.

You mind if i would ask you few questions?

  1. it's not easy to purchase which exchange would you recommend as reliable and safe?
  2. do you think that will be more successful as a marketplace comparing to dbc? any thoughts?



obviously followed :)

Thanks for the appreciation ..
As their are various exchanges out there . For me i would say that bittrex and binance are the top of the list coz many people are already using it . For me is a great project and its team has the potential to take it towards the success .

Thank you for your valuable comment.

I appreciate your time and effort. I hope you will do well on steemit :)

I will do my best to support you and upvote your content from time to time


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