How You Can Help Blind People See!

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Sounds like a pretty amazing claim, but I can assure you that this isn't clickbait. There's a smartphone app, available for both Android and IOS, that connects blind people with people who are able to see. Through this app, called 'Be my Eyes', the blind person can ask the other person to read something for them, by pointing the smartphone camera at it.

This app enables visually impaired individuals to re-gain a bit of independence, allowing them to instantly call upon help for completing mundane tasks.

Image source: Be My Eyes Brand Resources - Reuse is allowed

How it Works

When you've installed the app and open it for the first time, you can choose whether you're a visually impaired person or someone who can see. Then, you can pick your preferred language to answer help requests. As long as you have the app open, you can receive video calls from people who need your help with reading something. After you've ended the call, you can give out a rating or report it (if there was misuse of the app).

I've tried this out and got on the line with someone who wanted me to read the ingredients of a pre-packaged meal. She wanted to make sure that there was no dairy in her meal, since she was allergic. Everything went smoothly and I helped her out within a couple of minutes. She did need some directions as to where to point the camera, but we got it pointed to the right direction eventually.

Image source: Be My Eyes Brand Resources - Reuse is allowed

Be My Eyes is an app made up of a global community that connects people who are blind or have low vision with sighted volunteers. Volunteers assist users through a live video connection and work together to tackle challenges and handle a wide range of tasks. With more than 68,000 blind and low vision users and over 954,000 volunteers, the app harnesses the power of generosity, technology and human connection to help blind and low vision people lead more independent lives. Be My Eyes is available in more than 150 countries worldwide and in over 180 languages. The app is free for both iOS and Android. -- Source

My Opinion

I personally think it's great that an app like this exists. It requires very little effort on your part to help someone out, while it makes a world of difference for the person you're helping. I'd like to think that with tools like these, visually impaired people are able to complete simple tasks much easier, without having to resort to finding a nearby person.

I think I'm going to make a habit of running this app for a couple of minutes per day. It just feels good to make a small difference in someone's life, by helping them out like this.

Download the Be My Eyes app for Android
Download the Be My Eyes app for IOS
Be My Eyes Website

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Da's tof !! Zo zijn er ook apps voor slechthorenden (ik) die gelijk tekst schrijven als je bijvoorbeeld aan de telefoon bent.
Wat dat betreft zijn er zoveel meer mogelijkheden anno 2018.

That is pretty cool and such a big help to the blind people. What technology can do these days right? I will resteem it, my vote will come in the morning (gotta power up a bit )

Thanks and no problem, I've got the same issue with my voting power ;)

@daan, that's amazing! I know that EnChroma creates glasses for colorblindness. The videos make me cry. It's so touching to see their reactions to color for the first time in their lives. Great post.

Dude this is actually fantastic. This is the type of stuff that makes people connect in a better way and benefitting each other. Technology has some fine moment here and there every now and then, and this is one of them!

Let me see if I can find this app to give it a spin! I will also pop in a resteem because everybody deserves to know this and help in the usage of it!

This is a really good app. I will also download the app on my phone, and a few minutes every now and then won't take much of my time to be of help to someone else. Truly a great initiative by developers of this program. In this technological and digital era, everything is possible.

I agree! It just requires so little effort to make a huge difference in someone's life. Thanks for reading and commenting.

WOW! Thank you for reviewing this app. I know several visually impaired people and neither I nor they knew this existed. I have downloaded and signed up and encourage everyone to do the same!

It's hard for those of us who are sighted to understand the obstacles and challenges the visually impaired overcome on a daily basis. I am overjoyed that there is this small way we can all lend a supportive hand.

Thanks again for bringing this to everyone's attention!

P.S. I have shared this post in #post-spot on the BuddyUp discord where we highlight excellent work by our fellow Steemians. Please feel free to drop by for a chat.

I am installing that right away. That is if my phone supports it.
I like helping people and I am already a member of a few pages that help individuals in need, which reminds me.. I should pay a visit hehehehe.

Wow, this is truly fantastic! I had no idea something like this existed. I'll be giving it a download for sure and spreading it around with the people I know for sure.

It's great to know that solutions like this are out there and it's bringing us all together as a community. Incredible :D

Very lovely Idea. We have enough people and resources on this planet to take care of each other. This seems like a good step in the right direction. A little time and kindness goes a very far way.

I never heard of this before, thank you!

This is really a nice development, the blind needs to be supported in all possible way, because i can't imagine what life will look like being one.

Huh, this is a great use for crowd intelligence. I might take a look (boom boom) at the app.

I was going to ask, how they know where to point the camera if they can't see. You answered that though. :) Not trying to be a jerk, it is just the first thing that popped in my head when I started reading your post. Very cool idea though!

Oh yeah that was kind of an issue when I tried it, like I mentioned. It's just amazing to me that a lot of blind people have smartphones in the first place. I would think they'd have to wait a lot, just to navigate via text-to-speech.

Yeah good point. There are some pretty amazing assistive technologies out there. I deal with a lot of them in the education environment.

I've been exposed to this before, I think it's super. And I now have a phone that can handle it. What am I waiting for? (nothing)

Thanks for a really great find!

Wow such an amazing apps! I like it how it is also a social-based apps where it connects people. I can really see the potential of it to become a platform for people to connect better with others and make thworld a better place. Thanks for sharing! :)

Thank you for your vote on my reply. Appreciate it a LOT !!