Some hidden features of WhatsApp

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Among the social media, WhatsApp is one of the key. But there are many features in WhatsApp which many users still do not know about. But do not delay, let's talk about some of the features you do not know.


  • Restricted Group - With this feature you can set up group admin, some members can edit group info. There are also benefits that only group admins can send to the group.

  • Whatsapp is a video call, it is known to everyone. But many do not know that the group video call with three people together in WhatsApp is coming soon. Right now the iOS 2.18.52 and Android Beta 2.18.145+ are available on these two operating systems.

  • If you read a message that shows the blue-tick on the scene. But if you do not want to understand the message you read, you can disable the blue-tick option. In this way, you can disable the blue-tick - Settings> Account> Privacy> Read Receipts. Disable read receipts option. This feature will not show the blue-tick to the recipients even if you read a message. But if someone else reads your message you will not be able to see the Blu-Tick.

  • If someone has to send a message to himself, then he has to save his / her number. But WhatsApp brings a feature called 'Click to Chat'. Through this you can message without saving anyone's name.

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