Improvements on Hive Arena - 2

in #technology2 years ago (edited)

STEMGeek's First Hackathon Countdown to deadline : 9 days

At the second day, I realized that I totally messed up with variables and functions.
What a mess of unused, unnecessary variables and self repeating functions that would have done in a much proper way.
Damn amateur me!

I have deleted the repeating functions and rearranged all my variables in a system, the code is now much proper.

Good, but even the visualization is not important for the moment I really didn't like to see the static, Google found pictures as my characters.

I decided to go "less amateur" and searched for some good visuals that I can use, even ready to pay.

I have found the life-saver site and they have very cute character assets that are free to use.
Great guys!

Now I have my characters at 3 states :


With these implemeted and tidy code, I continue.

I believe I will have something fun to play at the end.


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