Brave shows widespread surveillance of UK citizens

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If you are not aware of Brave you musta missed my posts or forgot to install it so INSTALL IT NOW.

Its a browser with loads of privacy and crypto options built in running on core of chromium which means you can enter chrome store and install any plugins you had + easily import everything. Yet you wont let google spy on you plus its actually faster and less eating ram. It also has its native coin BAT which had an amazing ICO and great funders. Really i suggest to use it.

Brave has uncovered widespread surveillance of UK citizens by private companies embedded on UK council websites. “Surveillance on UK council websites”, a new report from Brave, reveals the extent of private companies’ surveillance of UK citizens when they seek help for addiction, disability, and poverty from their local government authorities.

None of the data collecting companies from this study had received consent from the website visitor to lawfully process data so those were not right to be feeded.

Interesting fact from the report (i told you above to move from Chrome to Brave as its same technology but less spying): Google owns all five of the top embedded elements loaded by UK council websites, giving it the power to know what virtually anyone in the UK views on council sites

If you want to read the report - DOWNLOAD HERE.

Allright so as ive said the browser uses also BAT token that trades in loads of places. Lets see the markets.

If you want to get it i would suggest only places with liquidity ie Binance

Interesting that despite that huge news there is a dump on the token. Maybe someone wants to sue? Who knows. I do have the coin since ICO.


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Hi @kingscrown, BRAVE REWARDS now also works in Italy.

that is great news, wasnt aware

I hope you will have people to join under you. ;)

be one of them buddy, costs nutta!

I use Brave browser.
But, I don't know how I do to get BAT from Brave.
Please, explain me. Thank you.

Lol. I haven't figured it out either. I recently saw something on youtube claiming there's an add-on (wallet maybe?) that lets you send and receive but I use mobile and it was for pc if I recall correctly. Sorry I don’t remember the name or have a link but if it helps I found it relatively quickly with a common term search like cash out Brave bat or something like that.

I’ve been using Brave for a while now. It’s a fantastic experience. Regarding the surveillance portion of this post, Thank you for putting this out there. It’s so frustrating to know how our right to privacy a being so rapidly eroded while no one seems to care but the reality is most people just don’t know. That’s why it’s important to share info like this when you find it. Keep up the good work!

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