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An anonymous user expressed his/her opinion on fsf mailing list about renaming of the organization. He proposed a new name "Foundation for Software Freedom" which perfectly fits with the old acronym. Richard Stallman seems to be interested in the new name too!

Hopefully, we are going to see a new definition for FSF soon!



But what to do with "free software", that is the main problem is it gonna change to "software freedom" or what?

Software freedom sounds apt than free software.

Yes but I meant how to talk about "free software", as in "hexchat is a free software", how can you say that with software freedom?

We could use the word free software, No issues :)

Well there will still be issue with free as in freedom or as free beer.

I actually use the term "open source software" when recommending a FOSS software to anyone to avoid misconception.

But those terms aren't equal