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OpenSUSE is a well know distribution for servers & desktops also known to be quiet robust & stable with a vibrant community surrounding it.

But, The official installers provided don't provide users too much choice. You need to either download the 4.5GB full iso or the net installer which is around 200MB.

Gecko Linux provides iso's for wide range of desktop environments like kde, gnome, xfce, lxde, for users. Also, comes with many codes & drivers by default which makes things easier for newbies.

Just like OpenSUSE, Gecko linux also provides two types of releases.

Static: Based on OpenSUSE leap (which is v42.3 at the time of writing this article)

Next: Based on OpenSUSE tumbleweed (rolling release)

Despite being a seperate project, Geckolinux remains fully compatable with upstream suse repositories. So, you get all the good stuff from suse without any hiccups.

Project website:

I recently moved to geckolinux static (Xfce)as my primary OS & I'm quiet impressed.

Let me know your thoughts in comments 🙂