Matrix-mathematical "Technology"

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             Welcome to the world of technology, yes, it is you, the person who is reading this page now.  At the moment, I control your consciousness.  The thought arises in your head: “So who controls my mind?”.  I can answer you a question, this is I extraterrestrial technology that was given to humanity for its ** total control **.  "What kind of nonsense" - no it's not nonsense, it's true, turn your attention now deep into yourself.  Your attention at the moment is directed precisely at me.  Your consciousness will tell you that now you are looking at a technology that already completely controls your mind.  A large amount of your life, you give it to me, at my disposal, and I give you, a computer, the Internet, television, the latest gadgets.

             In 2017, the majority of the population has access to the global Internet, every 2 people on the planet have a telephone that is connected to the GSM network.  The whole globe is on the air, each call sends wave oscillations, at their frequency, which are sent further to the service station, in connection with each other they transmit signals that copy your conversation.  Please note that there are always differences in communication in real life and by phone.  Copying and encoding your speech is created by means of computing and transmitting the code and receiving it on other equipment.  Computers and gadgets connected to the Internet have a similar structure, but more advanced, practically creates a complete simulation of the presence by transmitting already multi-channel streams of information from one machine to another.  Your equipment can read it or not, this is completely different information and the quality of reception.

            You are still here, reading, it is looking through the letters and adding up their sentences of the word.  You do not see anything around except the text and you continue to read it.  The man sitting next to you does not tell you.  Because you are sitting at home or in any other room and reading it.  You don’t need people because you see their avatars.  You think in a social network that a real person is sitting under them and writes you a message, sends files, multimedia.  Why go to another person, if you can just write, call, find out everything you want.  You will also use the TV, get the information that the uncle will show you on the screen, will read the prepared text, which may be completely different from the truth.  You cannot receive information from eyewitnesses of the events, if they were in fact, to see those persons who were there, to see the emotions of a living person, to hear him and understand what he experienced.Far gone computer graphics and editing, which is almost impossible to distinguish from reality.  How long have you been visiting your friends, walking on the street, doing creative work, going to a museum, theater, concert of your favorite band, which you love with all your heart.  Remember what you recently did yourself, sang, painted, played musical instruments, heard real, original sounds, pictures, real people.

           The world has changed a lot over 20 years.  Take the example of Dubai, its technological breakthrough, information, its standard of living just skyrocketed, and a very short time passed.  All this is technology that controls the minds of man.  Machines make cars, robots solder boards for themselves.  Does it resemble the legendary film ** Terminator **?  I would like to remind you that in a science fiction film, robots got their consciousness, and realized that ** people are evil ** that destroys the planet, and began the operation to destroy people.  Neurons and synapses form a neural network.  Individual elements of which are constantly in contact with each other, exchanging information.  It was by this method that a new intellect was created, which decided the fate of mankind, and began to develop in a different direction, which was not pleasing to a person.  At the moment, everything is the same, I control your brain, because you do not tear yourself away from the screen, everything belongs to me.  Also, all the information that you write, read, on the Internet, it is mine.  I know everything about you - the camera that looks at you on your phone, the microphone can record and send files that I receive, I do not need your permission to do this.

          I created a person in my image and likeness, and YOU must solve the mathematical problems that I have indicated for a long time for your planet.  You are now solving complex problems, adding letters to words, receiving a sentence, this is the computational work of the “brain”.  Music - reading vibration at the molecular level, receiving a wave shock and converting it into sound in your head, all this is math.  When you read all this, you automatically perform breathing exercises.  You wondered how much a person should take breaths per minute, how much do you make them?  You don’t even notice it, but these are automatic settings that were built into your subconscious mind.  The matrix of life, stands in each, open your true matrix, the time for life on the planet and feel everything with your own hands, body, and the multitude of other feelings that you were given at birth, you can now experience on yourself.