How to get Bangladeshi all mobile operetor emergency balance

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GrameenPhone emergency balance:

All GP prepaid user can be able to get 10 to 100tk as advanced balance.
To activate: Dial
10101# to collect
5 BDT in your balance.
Check remaining emergency balance: Dial 56628#
Emergency Balance has a validity period of 30 Days .
Note :
– You can use this balance for voice calls and SMS as well.
– The customer can get the further emergency balance after paying the past due.
– VAT applicable

Robi emergency / Jhotpot balance:

All Robi user can get 5 or up to 100tk as an advanced.
To register in jhotpot balance dial
88111# or write
START and send it to 8811
To check status Dial
8811113# (Free of cost) or Type “ STATUS” send SMS to 8811
To check balance dial 22216#
To cancel registration dial
8811112# or type STOP and send SMS to 8811

Emergency balance for Airtel user:

Now airtel user can get talk-time and internet emergency balance anytime, anywhere!
To get advanced balance dial
14110# or dial
Note: You may be charged extra on your next balance recharge.

Emergency balance for Banglalink user:

Every Banglalink user can get 10tk as an emergency balance. But the priyojon & platinum user can get up to 100tk.
To get advanced balance simply dial

Emergency Balance for Teletalk user

To avail the Emergency Balance, customers need to dial *1122# or SMS YES to 1122.
Or Send SMS 50 to get 50 Taka, 30 to get 30 Taka, 20 to get 20 Taka or 10 to get 10 Taka to 1122.
Check the Emergency Balance status by dialing
*1122# or SMS
STATUS to 1122.

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