Technology Crop: why not Brazil?

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Looking at yesterday's Brazil-Switzerland match, we can see two parts in the whole match.Brazil's game before making one-sided Brazil's game after two goals

Before the goal, Brazil's game was spectacular. Gabriel Jesús, Neymar, Willian and Filippus Kutinho were attacking the fourth round of fierce football and were attacking the Swiss defenders. The game was quite well. Since Danny Alvez is not at the right of Brazil's defense, there was no one to bring him the creativity of the game from the front. To avoid the lack of this creativity, the coach moved from the wing position to the wing position and brought Kutinho to the left side of the midfield, and Wright played Wright in place of Kutinaho.

Kutinho tried to do his work from the midfield. The proof of Brazil's shot in the shape of the right-footed shot from the outside of the D-box is its proof. Before this goal, he has done so many times on Liverpool or Barcelona's jersey, but in football, there are some things that the opponents do not do or do not do anything to prevent it; Looking at the fascinating look, he saw the implementation of the art. For example, the Dutch Winger Arian Robben's goal in the deep-footed left-footed right-footed D-box from the right wing Such a trademark of Kutinoho is like this. Everyone knows that Kutinoh will take the shot from that position, and if you take the shot, the goal will be scored, but the opponent's players can not stop!
89 percent of the successful pass rate of Kutinoha, 89.6 percent He has contributed quite well to the attack. But after losing the goal, Brazil is the biggest mistake, that is to try to become defensive with a little less speed. On the other hand, Swiss players, who got a goal in the hunt, would have been chasing Brazil in a relatively high-risk, Neymar.

Brazil's main star Neymar has played a match to forget The Brazilian players were "very good" by the players in Switzerland, and they put him in the strictest marking. Especially wellon bahrami He did not allow Neymar to play in a quiet place and he did not allow him to play. Neymar has been the victim of foul 10 times in the entire match, which has been the highest in World Cup history in the last 20 years. Neymar's successful pass of 86.5 percent of this stringent tackling, although Neymar's passions do not have the passability of the oddly curious tendency to be curious. Brazil, who have not been able to pass on time in a relatively convenient position to score some goals in the field without having to play, are suffering from the willful, jesus or kutinho. On the other hand, Neymar scored just two gloves in his four shots. Although given the 'key pass' to create the possibility of goals, four have been given.
Gabriel Jesús played the worst of the four offense On the shoulders of Jesuas, the responsibility of being the main striker of Brazil, as a key striker, Ronaldo-Romario has the importance of touching the titles. Is that the first test of the responsibility of the Jesuits took down? In the entire match, Merkat shot one, it is not the same! Jesse has played so bad in the whole match that he did not even need to be fired! And one Neymar has been fouled 10 times, has received a yellow card warning to fuse Neymar, three-three players from Switzerland - Captain Stephen Writersteiner, Behrami and Fawyaar Shar


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