Best Dialogflow Tutorials To Learn Chatbot Development

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Chatbots are becoming widely popular nowadays as more and more business are adapting it to cater their various needs. Many of the companies are considering chatbots to improve their customer support. Also, there are chatbots being developed for various bookings like schedule appointment, ticket booking, hotel room booking, restaurant table bookings, etc. 

As the popularity of the chatbots is increasing, if you are in programming field, it's high time that you learn chatbot development. To make our lives easy, there are multiple chatbot platforms available using which we can get started with chatbot development. Some of the platforms are powerful enough to let you create a bot without any programming knowledge. Dialogflow is one such platform.

Owned by Google, Dialogflow is one of the best chatbots development platforms available currently. It offers a robust Natural Language Understanding using which we can develop complex bots. Not only that, the bot created on Dialogflow can be easily launched on multiple chat channels like Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Kik, Line, Hike, etc.

If you are starting with chatbot development then here are some tutorials we created which could help you get started with Dialogflow and launch your chatbot on Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger.

First, to get familiar with concepts and structure of Dialogflow you can go through Chatbot Development Using Dialogflow.

Now, time to create an agent by following step-by-step tutorial Dialogflow Tutorial - Build Resume Chatbot for Google Assistant (Part-1).

After you are done with creating basic agent in Dialogflow, go on for testing and publish it on Google Assistant Dialogflow Tutorial – Build Resume Chatbot for Google Assistant (Part-2).

If you want to publish your bot on Facebook Messenger then it can be done by Dialogflow Integration. This tutorial will take you through the process of launching your bot on Facebook Messenger Dialogflow Tutorial - Create Facebook Messenger Bot Using Dialogflow Integration.

Above tutorials will let you create chatbot with simple conversations. To advance your bot you might need to make it communicate with your server or fetch real time information. That can be achieved by integrating Webhook via Dialogflow Fulfillment. For that you can follow our popular Dialogflow Webhook Tutorial - Create Webhook Using Python.

Hope this will be helpful!

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