Resume Parser using NLP and Python

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Wouldn't it be great if AI can parse resume and extract important details of the candidate from their resume? I bet that would be a dream of many recruiters.

In one of our experiments, we are trying to do just that using Natural Language Processing (NLP). The work is still in very early stage but we have got some success to extract details from the resume. As of now, we are able to extract

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Skills
  • Degree
  • University
  • Designation

Banner_Resume Parser.jpg

Further, we have plan to extract DoB, Nationality, Address, Companies worked for, duration of work, Achievements, strengths, weaknesses, CGPA/GPA/Percentile, etc.

Demo of our Resume Parser (Alpha) is available at:

Interested in technicalities of how we achieved it? Our case study will provide insights on that:

Try the demo and let us know your feedback please.

Friends in recruitment or related industries, if this interests you then do get in touch with me. We can explore some more possibilities/collaboration together.

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