Scientists say 'Mantra' to be invisible!

in #technology4 years ago

In this era of science and technology, researchers have long been looking for a way to be invisible. How to make some objects disappear by reducing the light, so long research was taking place. According to an international press report, Canadian scientist Jose Ajaana and his team of researchers are progressing a long way in that work.
Azana told the media that we can see an object from the reflection of light on it. They want to do this work in the study so that the light cannot be reflected from an object, and then it goes away. They want to create a cover that is pressed on a three-dimensional object, and their purpose is met.
According to Ajna, to make any green paint invisible, the cover will turn blue in color first, so that it penetrates into the object. After that, it will turn green again.
This method will facilitate data transmission with fiber optic line, said scientists concerned. Luis Romero Cortes, a member of the team of researchers, said that their aim was to drive through objects in the light. They are almost in front of success in this work.


I can't get enough of posts like these.

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